The Community Manager builds relationships

The Community Manager builds relationships

Your brand may already have a Fan page on Facebook without you having created it! Indeed, your brand certainly already has a few ambassadors, people who believe so much in your products and services that they talk about them without being asked. It is certainly the most beautiful recognition you can receive from your customers. They will even defend you against those who will attack your products.
But what happens to these conversations, what happens to these communities if you do not participate in them? The Community Manager is the one who will create bridges, who will build solid relationships with these people, who will also allow them to come together around an official Facebook page, a website, a forum, etc.
Its role is extremely important since it will contribute to renewing the trust and appreciation that these customers have for you.

The Community Manager creates the buzz
The animation of communities on social media involves all sorts of possibilities. The goal is to inform, entertain, move, and advise. But creating the buzz is real science, it has to be planned, we calculate the fallout, and you also have to consider any negative perceptions coming from your audience.
The buzz is not necessarily provocative, as is too often believed. It can be very positive, moving, and joyful, in short, it will create a very strong hook with your audience and can even enhance the image of an aging company. But this can be a double-edged sword, that’s why a good Community Manager is essential in these cases.

The Community Manager animates and moderates the Social Networks
Social networks are time-consuming. In addition, depending on the number of networks on which you plan to disseminate information, this can very quickly become a full-time job.
The Community Manager is there for that. He/she will scrutinize your audience, engage with them and act like friends. These people seeking contact with your company should be considered carefully.
We know that one of the greatest sales dynamics is word of mouth. Make your customers happy, give them the most personal, endearing experience and you will gain ambassadors who will talk about you with more passion than the highest paid salesperson and will recommend you everywhere around them. Some brands have ardent ambassadors, defending their image tooth and nail, such as Apple, Google, etc. (and yet, we are only talking about electronic devices and software, not a humanitarian, social or environmental protection cause).
In short, it will revive the community when it moves on and tends to forget about you. It will also be a response force when users encounter problems with your products, redirecting them to the after-sales service or providing first-level responses, it will thank people who provide expressions of sympathy for your brand, etc. Having a community and maintaining special relationships with it is a strength that no company can do without!

The Community Manager listens to your community
The Community Manager listens to rumors and discussions about you on the Net. From this attentive listening, he/she will first take the measure of your e-reputation, the image that Internet users have of you. What do we think of your services, your products, and your after-sales service? Are there bad experiences that spread on social networks or forums and that contribute to lowering your brand image?
As we know, generally on the Internet, only the dissatisfied come forward, in any case, they are those whose voice carries the most. The Community Manager will therefore act on two levers: on the one hand, he/she will try to balance the discussion by giving more scope to satisfied users, and on the other hand, by trying to act for the dissatisfied customer.
You have to understand one thing, if the Community Manager relies on his/she community, the community also relies on him/her to make his voice heard by the company. This may allow you to adjust certain things, understand your customers' expectations, create new sections on your website, etc.

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