The different methods to find TikTokers

Use the “For You Page”
TikTok is built with the goal of finding new content creators. By using the news feed, more commonly known as the “For You Page”, it is very easy to come across a multiple choice of influencers. In addition, if you are active on TikTok, the algorithm will suggest relevant content that matches your interests. This method alone remains very random, it is better to combine it with other more advanced research.
It's best to study and observe to see if the audience and content align with your brand goals.
Use keywords
Social networks, like all the others: Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, have their search engine. You can use it by inserting relevant keywords, which correspond to your field of activity. You will more easily come across influencers, or even micro or nano-influencers potentially interested in your brand.
Use hashtags
Hashtags are widely used tools of the platform. For example, by using the hashtag #sponsored, you can find influencers who have already made partnerships via the application and discover them through their TikTok videos.
It is also useful to use popular and specific hashtags to define your niche within a perimeter (#fashion, #travel, #foodtasting).
Find lists of influencers on Google
Nothing is easier than doing a Google search, or any search engine. Just type in the keywords: “TikTok influencers”, and “Top TikTok influencers”, to find articles on the subject. You can find information like their audiences, niches, and even engagement rates.
Look in your old collaborations
Some influencers are present and influential on several social networks. It is likely that you have already carried out an influence campaign with Instagram or Snapchat influencers, in this case, see if these influencers are also active on TikTok. It is always easier to collaborate with an influencer who already knows your brand and your objectives.
Search in your subscriber’s list
It is an advantage to work with people who know and love your brand. Therefore, you should not neglect your subscribers and customers. These are great resources, and chances are some of them are TikTok content creators themselves.
TikTok Creator Marketplace
TikTok also has its own platform: TikTok Creator Marketplace. It enables brands and content creators to facilitate interactions and collaborations. This is a good way to find specialist influencers on the platform.