The grail of visibility

The grail of visibility

Far be it from it to take itself for Twitter, Instagram still presents simple and natural sharing and reposting mechanisms to make more than Facebook jealous. Any campaign well conducted on the network can quickly achieve an interesting degree of virality.
Virality goes hand in hand with the first important objective for any ambitious brand or company in its social media strategy: visibility. According to the mechanics of the game, the publications associated with it can spread and gain the attention of new Instagrammers that the brand had not reached until then. The community can in this sense be enlarged and even diversified and therefore enriched!
Another advantage that Facebook has a hard time matching: Instagram allows you to create a specific hashtag for its contest. The publications relating to it then become easily identifiable and readable by everyone, including potential new subscribers who quickly become immersed in the brand universe.
A common practice to gain visibility through a contest remains the relay of it on the other social platforms of the brand. By including account tracking in the game mechanics, fan acquisition is easily increased tenfold.

Commitment through creativity

By offering an original and creative contest, in its principle or its application, the brand tells its story in a different way and deploys a new facet of its universe to Instagrammers.
A contest allows you to break the routine and get out of a commercial logic -already less present on Instagram- and to enter a new register, a new tone within which the interaction and the conversation are privileged to the detriment of simple amazement in front of a beautiful visual. The brand introduces a relationship of complicity with the fans who are highlighted.
Giving free rein to the imagination and rewarding talent are positive values ​​welcomed on social media. This bodes well for Instagram, a particularly relevant network in this area.
By organizing a contest, the brand fully assumes its function of entertainer which has become its own for some time on social media. That’s why the requirement of creativity remains more than ever crucial in the organization of these recreational interludes.

Adapting the format of your game to your objectives

A contest game can be declined in several ways, to meet different needs. As engagement takes precedence over visibility, the complexity of the mechanics gradually increases, along with the expectation placed on the subscriber community.

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