The role of marketers is changing

The role of marketers is changing

The role of marketers is redefined by this crisis. The platforms and tools used to set up campaigns are scrutinized by leaders, who are always demanding more results. Being intuitive is not enough, decisions must be driven by consistent and reliable data, collected, and analyzed at the speed of the web, and accessible to all teams in the company. And you have to act fast: big brands can't afford to fall behind, especially at a time when consumers’ needs are changing rapidly and unexpectedly.
It is certain that social data offers a unique source of truth to the audiences and Tribes of the social web. When budgets are threatened, quick and effective solutions are sought, which offer both a quantitative overview and a qualitative understanding of the subject at hand.
Moreover, we have observed an overall increase in the use of social media, regardless of the segments. By leveraging the abundant data they share on the Web, marketers can, more than ever, highlight consumer priorities, needs, and expectations from a single source of information. If this was not already the case, the crisis offers marketers a unique opportunity to accomplish their digital transformation, and thus ensure a better future for their structures and organizations.

Anticipating and understanding the “new normal”
The questions that keep marketers awake today are essentially:
-How will the current crisis change consumer behavior in the long term?
-What will the “new normal” be?
-How can we prepare for what is to come?
In fact, this “new normal” is already well in place. Many of the trends and weak signals we are seeing today are expected to hold and continue to grow in the near future. From food to sport, we can already identify behaviors that prepare for the future.

Get ahead of the competition and prepare for what comes next
Operationally, investing in new technology can seem aggressive during a recession, especially for large companies with teams spread across the globe. But now is the perfect time to integrate and implement a large-scale analytics tool. As the value of social data has never been easier to demonstrate, so have the vast number of successful use cases.

Do not stop investing, but do it intelligently
There are industries that have almost come to a standstill due to the epidemic, the tourism sector is certainly one of the hardest hits. Due to changing consumer needs and priorities, other industries such as FMCG, have seen unprecedented growth. In April, the giant Procter & Gamble announced a 5% annual increase in sales and reiterated its commitment for its brands to “maintain a mental and physical presence whenever possible”.

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