Threads Expands Features With Post Drafts and Camera While Seeking Broader Appeal

Threads Expands Features With Post Drafts and Camera While Seeking Broader Appeal

Threads, the messaging app created by Meta, has been steadily growing and introducing new features to compete with Twitter. In recent weeks, the app has been testing out post drafts internally and has now launched a live test of this option with selected users.

Drafts is one of the most requested features for the app. Some users testing the new feature now see a "Drafts" option when composing a post. They can save an unfinished post as a draft to come back to later instead of having to start over if they exit the app.

Currently users are limited to only one saved draft at a time, but this is a good starting point to allow for more thoughtful compositions. All parts of a thread will also be saved together if the user exits while still working on it.

In addition to post drafts, Threads has integrated a camera function for the first time. Users in the test can now take a single photo directly from within the app to include with their post. While only one photo per post for now, the camera provides another tool for self-expression on the platform. These new features help expand the capabilities of Threads as it works to compete with other social media giants.

Despite gaining many former Twitter users, Threads is still far behind the network in overall users. Certain communities like sports fans remain very active on Twitter due to features like live commentary.

Threads has not prioritized real-time discussions yet with its focus more on positivity. It is now testing trending topics but the de-emphasis of news and politics may limit its reach for many discussions. Only time will tell if Threads can truly become a viable Twitter alternative.

The app also recently opened up its content moderation process, allowing users to appeal removal decisions to the Oversight Board like other Meta platforms. This provides a new avenue for those who disagree with moderation calls on Threads.

However, growing the platform overall is still the bigger challenge facing the company. Some feel Meta's vision of a less controversial space will not satisfy users' interests in engaging with diverse topics. Both the company and users will need to find a middle ground.

For those creating content on Threads, new drafting and photo features should help produce higher quality posts. However, the limited draft slots and single photo upload may still frustrate some users. As Threads tests new tools with select groups, feedback from those trial runs will be important for improving the experience.

Platforms featured on the SMM panel at Great SMM often get feedback from clients on new releases to help enhance features before broader launch. Continued development based on input from real users on Threads will be key to its long term success and ability to compete in the social media landscape.

While Threads introduces useful new drafting and camera functions, growing its overall audience will take more time. Whether Meta's vision of less controversy aligns with human tendencies to engage diverse topics remains to be seen. For those involved in social media marketing, it's worth keeping an eye on Threads and other networks featured regularly on the SMM panel at Great SMM to see where engagement and conversations are trending across platforms.

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