Tips for opening a store and selling on Facebook

Tips for opening a store and selling on Facebook

It is very easy to open a store on Facebook. Are you saying you want to sell on Facebook, or in other words, do you want to sell on Facebook? How to open a facebook store, what are the requirements to open a facebook store, the tricks of opening a facebook shop, is it legal to sell from facebook, to sell products from facebook and more in this article.

Looking at the reports and statistics on social media, more than half of the world's population, approaching 80 million, is connected to the internet. Of course, the most used social media platforms are Facebook and Facebook Messenger (32% Facebook + 20% Facebook Messenger).

How to sell on Facebook?


When this is the case, it has become fashionable to sell on Facebook, where millions of users visit, read news and share something every day. This situation whets the appetite of entrepreneurs and brands who say they want to set up a Facebook store. After all, 70% of internet users use the internet in some way every day.

In your Facebook page, facebook store, facebook sales store, online sales, facebook shop or facebook market.. You can create a tab with any name you want to use. In this tab, you can display the products you want to sell on Facebook. When users visit your store on your Facebook page, they examine your products, read their features, examine the size and similar product options, if any, and when they say buy, the sales process begins.

Is opening a Facebook page easy?

Facebook offers a very useful service for selling. You can make your sales online from the largest social media channel without requiring any e-commerce knowledge or documents. Moreover, opening a Facebook store is easier and more practical than you think. With the simple information we have prepared for you below, you will be able to easily put your products on sale.

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