To launch your live TikTok

To launch your live TikTok

1- Announce your live session

TikTok offers you a feature to announce in advance that you are going to broadcast a live session. The latter allows viewers to discover a future live, register, and receive notifications about the upcoming broadcast. With this feature, you can give a name to your live, indicate the start time, and add a brief description or even an image representing the theme of your live session.
Upcoming live events are available under the creator's biography.

2- Promote your live on TikTok

You have planned a live, very good! To give more importance to the latter, you have the option of creating a TikTok video that will promote it. Your audience will be informed of what will happen.
To do this, simply create a video, click on the “+” button, record your video and then add a link to the live you want to promote.

3- Start your live

A few minutes from your live TikTok, the stress mounts. You can start your live broadcast 10 minutes before the official time by clicking on the “GO Live” button of your event. Once live streaming, people who have indicated to participate in your live will receive a notification.

4- Answer user questions

During a live on TikTok, users have the opportunity to ask you questions. For example, you can enable the live Q&A feature. Via a dedicated interface, you will see scrolling questions and can choose to answer them or not.
If you do, then the question will be pinned to the screen.

5- Moderate TikTok live

As on any social network, moderation is essential. When broadcasting, you can choose to moderate your live yourself (but will be distracted) or call on moderators of your choice, who can mute and even exclude certain people.

6- And after the live?

Once the live is over, you can download your live or replay it on your news feed.
To download the replay, just go to your settings, then privacy, then Replay Live and download the Live in question. Live replays are available for 90 days.