UGC: definition

UGC stands for User Generated Content. This applies to reviews shared online, posts on social networks, blog posts, videos on YouTube or TikTok, etc. Currently, anyone with internet access who shares photos or posts online can be considered a content creator. And user-generated content is good for brands.
How do you encourage the creation of user-generated content?

Organize competitions

To encourage users to create content for your brand, you can organize a contest, with prizes (products, promotional codes, etc.).
This initiative allows you to encourage the creativity of your subscribers or invite them to take up a challenge. The criteria required to be eligible to participate are generally simple:
identify the brand account.
use a dedicated hashtag (created by the brand for the occasion).
You should not rely solely on the organization of contests to encourage the creation of content, but this approach allows you to benefit from a boost in visibility. It can also be organized for special events, such as the anniversary of your brand or the release of a new product for example.

Create a custom hashtag to generate user content

A branded hashtag (also called branded hashtag) is a personalized hashtag, dedicated to the creation of user content. Invite your followers to post their photos and videos with this hashtag. This shows the diversity of your community, and how everyone appropriates your products, uses them, or wears them.
Keep in mind that UGC is not just about you. It mainly concerns your customers. Consider creating a branded hashtag that includes them. This strengthens your connection with them and shows them that this hashtag is dedicated to them.

Use the services of a UGC platform

A UGC platform is an online space where you can easily connect with nano and micro-influencers. These types of profiles are appreciated on social networks for their transparency and authenticity.
Thanks to many UGC platforms, you present your project, on which social media you want to generate content, for which target, etc. Then interested influencers respond to your campaign and the machine is on the way! After selecting the profiles, you send them your product and then you find all the content created related to your project on the platform and can download and publish it on your networks.
This solution allows you to benefit from quality UGC, made by creative users, benefitingfrom a solid and committed community.

Interact with your audience and listen

Social networks are before being marketing tools, places of sharing, and real platforms of public expression. Users comment on your publications and watch your stories, but these exchanges should not be only one-way. Get closer to your community by liking the publications on which you are identified or by leaving a small comment. This strengthens your relationship with your subscribers and lets them know that you are seeing their work.
Many possibilities are available to you to exchange with your subscribers. It's an easy and effective way to fuel your content strategy based on user feedback.
On Instagram, you can carry out polls or use the “Questions” sticker in the story. Ask your audience what they think of your latest product or what new features they would be interested in. In short: engage in dialogue. You can then share the answers to provide this “proof” so sought after by Internet users. In this way, you humanize your brand and show that you are listening.