UGC or User Generated Content: definition

UGC is the acronym for User Generated Content. This refers to all the content that Internet users share in the public space. Opinions published on a product page, comments on a forum, blog articles, or even Instagram publications are UGC.
Some sites are entirely based on the principle of user-generated content such as Wikipedia, Quora, or TripAdvisor. As a brand, you can benefit from the power of UGC and more specifically CGC, Customer Generated Content, the content created by customers. In a completely direct way, your customers will publish content on the web talking about you, when you did not ask for anything.
In a way, Customer Generated Content is free advertising content produced by chance. We then speak of earned media, to designate the fact that the visibility you inherit thanks to this content is provided by a third party and not your brand itself.
By definition, UGC is the exact opposite of Brand Generated Content.

What are the benefits of user-generated content for brands?

1. Influences purchasing decisions
Through the generation of content, users express themselves and give their opinion in complete transparency. For brands, this is a real boon when we know that for nearly 63% of Internet users aged between 18 and 29, this type of content contributes to their purchasing decision. Sincere feedback, generated by third parties, is much more taken into consideration than brand promises. When buying a product, the Internet user wants proof, and this is what the content shared by other people like him/her provides.
2. Gain visibility
Another significant advantage, this type of publication allows brands to gain visibility. When shared on social media, reviews will spread through communities. For you, it is a way to reach a larger target of users, increase your website traffic and generate more sales.
‍In this way, UGC has an excellent ROI. By taking care to respect copyright, you are free and even invited to use this content in your communication strategy. Having spent no money on their creation, your only job is to moderate them and highlight them in a relevant way to boost your notoriety.
3. Know your audience
Knowing what is being said about your brand online is a great way to learn more about your audience. What are their expectations, their needs, and their feelings about your products or services? Exchanges around UGC are strongly encouraged. In this way, you consolidate your customer relationship and position yourself as a brand that listens to its consumers.
4. Create ambassadors
Thanks to UGC, your customers become true ambassadors of your brand. Through their voice, they contribute to increasing your visibility. Don't miss out on this content produced for free and integrate UGC into your marketing strategy now. If you want to quickly increase your notoriety, you can also use nano or micro-influencer. This type of profile has a strong relationship with its followers and is valued for its authenticity.