Understanding the LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Understanding the LinkedIn Social Selling Index

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index is based on 4 pillars:
Building your professional brand
Finding the right people
Information exchange
Building and developing your network
LinkedIn explains that the higher this score, the more opportunities there are. Indeed, “Social selling leaders generate 45% more opportunities than those with a low SSI score”. (LinkedIn)

How to improve your LinkedIn Social Selling Index?

Once your score is revealed, you will need to take steps to improve it!
Your LinkedIn ISS is based on 4 key pillars, mentioned above. Depending on the scores obtained, it is easy to implement actions to improve your score.
Make your LinkedIn profile more attractive: check your LinkedIn profile and remember to complete all the fields and information available, detail your experiences, and ask for recommendations.

Connect with the right people: Set reminders and once or several times a week, consider using LinkedIn tools (such as the “Who viewed your profile” feature) to find prospects, colleagues, etc., people who are useful for your business.
Create content and make yourself visible: Do not hesitate to share articles, publications, videos, and carousels. Be visible on LinkedIn and interact with the content of others. This is how you make yourself visible and can form new relationships.
Feeding your LinkedIn network: This point stems from the previous one. For LinkedIn, it is important that you encounter people, and decision-makers regularly. You have several options for this: create content, interact with those others, search for colleagues, send private messages...

Switch to Sales Navigator

The second option will consist of paying for the Sales Navigator subscription, dedicated to salespeople, to take advantage of the famous specific tools offered by LinkedIn, dedicated to improving your ISS.
Indeed, the free promotion of your Social Selling Index is a way for LinkedIn to encourage you to use Sales Navigator. This tool, the most basic option of which is billed at 959.88 euros per year, allows you to carry out advanced searches on prospects and companies, create personalized lists or even obtain alerts on certain profiles.