What does Community Manager / CM mean?

What does Community Manager / CM mean?

From the moment you have one or more social network pages, there are surely people who have liked your page and have registered or subscribed to it to follow your various activities which are represented by the publications.
Depending on your activity, you have even linked your website to your social networks.
Imagine your website as your store and your social media pages as different storefronts:
Passers-by attracted by one of your shop windows will approach it, observe it in detail, and will either systematically stop each time they pass in front of it to see what's new, or will knock on the window, or even go through the door. To request information to purchase your services or products.
If these passers-by are satisfied with your information or the products and services, they have purchased from you, they will be able to tell their friends and neighbors who will come in turn, this is called virality.
But who will renew the display case? Who will respond to interested customers to bring them into the store and validate a sale? The Community Manager!
Its role is therefore to take care of all the people who are in contact with your pages, and your communities, therefore.
A true ambassador will have to answer all questions and comments while respecting your values.
They are therefore the ones who will really embody your brand, humanize it to bring it that extra soul that is difficult to see behind a phone screen.

And in terms of the job description?
A community manager, therefore, works directly with your communicators or yourself if you are a small structure to establish a communication strategy that aims to bring your brand to life and set you apart from your competition like a beacon in the immensity of the ocean of social networks.
He/she will feed content (which he/she can create him/herself) to all of your social networks to create commitment and generate interactions with your communities. The better the content, the more your posts will be shared and popular.
He/she will also moderate the answers and exchanges published by your communities to avoid comments that do not correspond to your values ​​or that can tarnish your image. He/she will respond to certain comments to provide information or delete them if they are hostile or even offensive.
He/she is also the one who will answer all questions sent privately to satisfy your communities and therefore your potential customers.
He/she will monitor your competitors and keep abreast of the latest trends and important events so that your pages are dynamic and alive, just like your company.
He/she will therefore be able to create events and promotions on your networks, in agreement with your marketing team.
Depending on his/her level of competence, he/she will be able to establish reports so that you can assess the economic impact and ROI of your presence on social networks. Because of course, the goal is to make passers-by knock on your window so that they enter your shop happily, leave satisfied and tell their neighbors about it!

A community manager takes care of your image
Everything that is written on the Internet will remain on the Internet for life because nothing is truly erasable, that's why you regularly see in the news, scandals of old tweets that resurface or shameful photos that we never manage to make disappear. This is called the Streisand effect (But that will be for a future article).
To avoid this kind of bad buzz, it is important to properly manage what is written on your sign, what is called e-reputation. Your community manager is there for that, he/she is even there to make you popular and friendly.
You may have heard of the community management of the Decathlon brand, which has become very friendly on the web, just like Netflix, whose every tweet – always fun and in tune with the trends – is followed by more than 30 million followers!

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