What is a good engagement rate?

What is a good engagement rate?

The digital world is constantly changing, making it seem obscure or incomprehensible. But don't worry, we've picked out a few tips to remember to help you find your way through this digital jungle!
The purpose of this article is mostly to provide you with a clear overview of your level of engagement so that you know what your social media strengths are and what areas deserve a little more attention.

How to recognize a good engagement rate?

You should be aware that engagement rates vary by platform and industry. For example, the automotive and food industries have better engagement than the luxury market. On the other hand, Instagram (the favorite social media platform for teenagers) dominates the digital world with a higher engagement rate than the good old Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
If your engagement rate seems low to you, remember the famous 90-9-1 rule. Translation: On social media, 90% of users are just prowling, 9% of users contribute occasionally, and 1% of users are highly interactive.
Now, let's cut to the chase with some more stats. Specifically, here are the numbers you'll use to determine if your engagement rate is good:
Very high engagement rate: between 6.67% and 10%.
High engagement rate: between 3.48% and 6.67%.
Low engagement rate: between 0 and 1.64%.

Tips to improve your engagement rate

Your goal is to grow your accounts organically but consistently. For this, you will have to be creative to improve your online presence and reach as many customers as possible. For example, be sure to identify your target audience, post high-quality photos, and videos, focus on seasonality (e.g. scheduling posts for specific events such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.), constantly post, interact with your followers, and organize fun events or contests.
Digital marketing experts will be able to define areas for improvement, helping to get your brand noticed online. One last thing: don't get discouraged if your engagement rate is low, remember that Rome wasn't built in a day!

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