What is a social media report?

What is a social media report?

Social media offers many opportunities to generate leads while helping you better understand your customers' needs and wants. However, how do we collect and analyze this data? This is the role of social media reporting. This data collection allows you to structure the essential information related to social networks to make it analyzable. You can classify the data, isolate the important elements and learn from it to continuously improve your strategy. Reporting generally takes the form of a presentation, grouping together tables and graphs that highlight statistics. It visually represents the performance of your strategy on each social channel. In addition, it allows you to visualize, briefly, the evolution of your main indicators, as well as the progress towards your objectives.

Why should you do social media report?

The main reason is to structure your main data and to check the performance of your strategy. More than a simple graphical representation of your metrics, reporting proves to be a valuable decision-making tool. This allows you to:

Create content tailored to your audience

Reporting collects and formats data about your audience's editorial preferences. It highlights factors such as the ideal length of posts, the most appealing themes for your community, or the format they prefer.
This helps you adapt your editorial line to generate more engagement and achieve your goals.

Schedule posts at the best time

Reports about your social media strategy provide information on the days and times when your subscribers are online.
By understanding both when and why customers interact (e.g. after hours, on weekends, at lunchtime), you can fine-tune your planning for maximum impact.

Run more effective targeted campaigns

Each social network is unique and requires a strategy adapted to its audience, as well as its characteristics. By analyzing each of your pages, the profile of your communities, and the interactions, you will be able to refine your campaigns on each platform.
Similarly, if you observe better performance on one channel than on another, you can redistribute your efforts to the most relevant network

Follow its progress and react if necessary

A social media report is designed to track metrics related to your needs. Thanks to this regular analysis, you can align your strategy with your objectives and participate in the growth of the company.

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