What is an Instagram story?

What is an Instagram story?

Stories have become a staple part of the content on Instagram. Making good use of them to attract new visitors and engage your community is essential
Instagram is a successful social network that allows content to be shared in different formats. Stories are mostly used by users. And for good reason, they allow you to interact spontaneously with your subscribers, to announce promotions or launches, to publish tutorials...
A story is a full-screen post of a photo, video, or text that lasts up to 15 seconds. It expires after 24 hours but can be viewed multiple times during that time. They have become the major content on Instagram and are very popular with influencers who are working for various brands.
You can watch stories from accounts you follow in the banner at the top of your News Feed. A colored circle appears around the account profile picture when a new story is added.
Thus, it is possible to pin your best stories so that they remain visible on your profile.

What is an Instagram Featured Story?

Unlike a “classic” story, a featured story (highlight) is a permanent Instagram story that is visible beyond 24 hours. It is most often a complication of stories that follow a theme (travel, fashion, art, etc.).
The featured story appears in a new section under your bio. Many profiles on Instagram use featured stories to highlight specific themes within their feed. They can also be the result of partnerships with brands.
Instagram featured story cover, Insta featured story name, featured story icon… these are all parameters to consider when adding a featured story. It is therefore interesting, even essential, to use it to enhance your account and gain more visibility.

How to make a great Instagram story?

Making a beautiful Instagram story that is both quality and relevant for its subscribers requires knowing certain tips to better exploit this feature.
Here are our tips for having a successful story:
Use the various features offered by Instagram to diversify and enrich your account.
Customize the Instagram story background to enhance the content and catch the eye of your audience.
Add impactful and relevant text
Use filters to highlight visuals if necessary.
Check before publishing to avoid any careless mistakes.
Go through an application to use different creative ideas.
Do not hesitate to use the various applications available online to publish attractive and unique stories.