What is evergreen content?

What is evergreen content?

The notion of evergreen content refers to content that is durable, timeless or, to put it another way, that does not “have an expiration date”. It is therefore content that remains relevant to your target audience in the long term. It goes without saying that, to succeed in remaining relevant, your content must be of high quality and bring real added value to your readers. It should meet the standards that any content should meet, not just for your visitors, but also for Google.
The internet is flooded with low-quality content. Companies often favor the cheapest and easiest solution, which is simply to constantly generate content that is of no use to Internet users and does not meet their needs at all. This practice can sometimes increase website traffic in the very short term, but it never lasts long and, as soon as Google realizes the mediocrity of the content, the site is relegated to the bottom of the rankings.
Instead of following the example of these companies, you should focus on producing content that will do justice to your brand and your work. In this context, evergreen content proves to be a particularly valuable tool. Not only does it save you time, but it also has many other benefits. Here are a few:

1. It boosts your search engine rankings.
Most internet users never bother to look at results that are beyond the first page of Google. Therefore, it is essential to be as high as possible in the rankings to remain visible.
Evergreen content allows you to strengthen the “EAT” score of your site. EAT is the English abbreviation of “expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness” which can be translated as “expertise, authority, and reliability”. The higher your “EAT” score, the more likely your site is to rank on the first page of Google because the search engine recognizes that your content is authoritative within your industry. It is important for Google to offer Internet users information from reliable sources and content written by qualified people.
In addition, evergreen content generally generates lower bounce rates than other types of content, which means that users stay on your page longer. Search engines consider that a low bounce rate indicates that your content is interesting and useful for your readers, which also has a positive impact on your rankings.

2. It constantly attracts organic traffic to your site.
The notion of organic traffic refers to Internet users who find your website or social media account through free search engine results. Almost all of us use the internet daily to search for information or find answers to our questions. It is important to write your evergreen content in a way that answers the questions that Internet users are asking now and will continue to ask in the future.

3. It generates a good return on investment.
Having a high return on investment means that your investment is earning you much more than it cost you. Creating evergreen content does not require a large investment, either in terms of money or time, and allows you to rank well in Google results in the long term and generate a continuous flow of traffic to your site and social media page. So over time, your brand can evolve into a leader in its market and constantly attract new potential customers.

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