What is Influencer Generated Content?

What is Influencer Generated Content?

An IGC, or Influencer Generated Content, is content generated by an influencer. They freely produce content based on their own experiences with your brand. This type of content is a real asset because influencers communicate with their own voice and style.
Originally, as part of traditional influencer marketing, brands sent content to influencers who shared it with their audience. However, readers immediately noticed the difference in style and walked away from sponsored content because of its lack of authenticity. Therefore today, it is more beneficial for influencers to write content.
Influencers who produce content about your brand feel closer to it. They, therefore, manage to communicate effectively with their followers.
The benefits of influencer-generated content
Content generated by influencers has many advantages:

They are more real and more authentic. If influencers choose to make videos in a popular format, they are more impactful.
You control your strategy while involving influencers. It is an ideal solution to vary the content.
You save money by delegating part of the content production to influencers. They also benefit from better visibility.
You benefit from new ideas!

Connect with influencers

To take advantage of the incredible aura of influencers, you have to approach them and above all get in touch with them. Start by following the personalities that most correspond to your brand image. The choice of profiles is very important because it will have an impact on your readership.
Then you have to interact online with them.
Read their publications, comment on them, and monitor those who produce content on products or services similar to yours.
Once you start chatting, talk about your business and ask them to produce content.

Work among influencers

To reach influencers, it can be useful to be one yourself! Yes, you can become an influencer. Of course, this process takes time, but the benefits are very important.
The first step to becoming an influencer is to determine your subject, ideally your area of ​​expertise and therefore your activity, but also the concept. Would you like to offer interviews, give demonstrations or work around photography? You are embarking on a real project, so the model for this new activity must be well constructed.
Next, you will need to determine your target. Of course, you have to turn to the people who will be interested in your concept. If you sell life insurance, you don't need to appeal to the younger generation.
The last step is to start producing content, build loyalty with your audience, communicate with them, and link partnerships with brands.