What is live shopping?

What is live shopping?

For several years, social selling has been emulated on social networks. Due to the health crisis and confinement, consumers had no choice but to order online. Live shopping is a concept born from digital practice and it goes beyond traditional Chinese Livestreaming.
The videos do not only present a product or a service but are there to offer personalized remote support and offer valuable tailor-made advice.
Very popular in the luxury sector, the marketing technique is nevertheless within the reach of all brands, e-commerce or physical, small, or large, and has many advantages.

1. Growing consumer demand for live shopping

If the trend is already well established in China, it is very recent in Europe and is attracting more and more French people. They are 28% to declare their intention to buy and in the category of women under 25, the figure rises to 49%. It is a real craze for these streaming videos that are looming on the horizon!
Generation Z, very present on social networks and consumers of novelty is THE target to be favored for your live shopping.

2. A unique shopping experience

The success of these marketing videos can be explained by the increased demand for personalization and the humanization of digital channels. Live shopping offers a unique customer experience to buyers by creating links between the customer and the seller. During their lives, it is a relationship of trust is established. This improves your customer service while increasing your brand awareness online.

 3. A very profitable marketing strategy

Live shopping is an (almost) free advertising opportunity with a very high ROI potential. If the younger generation is starting to take an interest in the phenomenon, 87% of French people have never heard of this digital technique. There is a huge market to conquer and still very few brands are present on the channel. It is, therefore, a perfect opportunity to stand out from the competition, at a lower cost!

4. Live shopping is a vehicle for engagement

Building customer loyalty is the most difficult phase in a world where offering abounds on the Internet. But if your live streaming strategy is well put together, your live event should generate many views and your audience will likely engage with you for a long time.

How to prepare a live shopping?

After seeing the benefits of live shopping for businesses, here are the steps to create a digital experience that meets the expectations of your target audience.

Target the right platform

Depending on the products you sell, not all social networks have the same relevance. You will need to select the social network most frequented by your target customers. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are the preferred social media for fashion and accessories, while Facebook will be more relevant for the appliance industry.
Do a study of the attendance times of your audience to broadcast your live in the right time slot!

Refine your live shopping upstream

The first tip for successful live shopping is to prepare your digital content in advance so you don't find yourself helpless during live streaming.

Then, make your live shopping a unique event to increase its power of attraction. To create buzz around your live shopping campaign, call on influencers. They will promote your event upstream through their publications and thus encourage a large number of followers to come and watch your live video.

Be responsive and listen to your viewers

During the Q&A session, respond effectively to all questions and requests from your audience. This is the perfect time to meet your customers' expectations and assess their needs.
Keep the link after the event with the participants by continuing the dialogue in the comments and make sure you are available if needed.