What is snackable content?

What is snackable content?

We are talking about a fairly new marketing concept that has developed with the rise of smartphones. Its name gives us some clues… Snack stands for fast. This term is used to refer to content that is consumed quickly. You can find posts with a maximum of 300 words, or with few characters and a photo or video.
Snackable content is also done through captioned photos or an image carousel. Podcasts are very trendy, as well as the use of photo slideshows or videos of 4 to 5 minutes maximum.
This marketing concept works because it corresponds to the expectations and needs that are increasingly present in our society. If articles or other longer content are always appreciated and even acclaimed in some cases, the need to save time, to consume information in quantity, but in a limited space, gives snackable content an attractive and impactful dimension. We watch them on the train, in the metro, while waiting in a waiting room… Time is often limited there and therefore the concept is adapted to these occasions.
If the marketing concept is quite recent, it stems from the press which in the 80s began to set up what are called “briefs”. It is a short information on news or other topics. They were acclaimed for their impactful and quick-to-read sides.

What is the purpose of snackable content?

In a context where Internet users are inundated with information and where everyone's time is limited, brands must stand out to exist. Snackable content thus meets this need. They differentiate themselves from the usual longer content by looking for a powerful engagement of short duration.
We determine 5 objectives for the snackable content:

Promote your brand

To promote a brand, snackable content is an integral part of a marketing communication strategy. It responds to a demand specifically linked to our times, which implies that information will be seen by a greater number of people if it is short and punchy.
We can highlight a product, the brand itself, or an event set up by it. It can also be compact information highlighting sponsorship or support for an NGO or other association.

Develop your notoriety and knowledge of your company or product

Through snackable content, we can aim to increase the notoriety of a brand or product. If your message is widely read and relayed, this promotes the SEO referencing of your social networks and websites on search engines.

Create traffic on the networks and your website

Another goal will be to create online traffic. If we compare it to a store, it is similar to the number of people who enter the store. However, it is important that snackable content is relevant and fit well with your business, brand, or services. The traffic must generate interaction.
Pay attention to the quality and quantity of publications. “Too much information kills information…”

Generate leads

To generate a lead, the Internet user must provide you with information about him. You then obtain a database targeted to your brand or your products. By creating traffic and generating interactions, snackable content should allow you to retrieve information that can serve your brand. Don't forget to "call to action"

Retain your customers or prospects

A clientele that is hooked will be more likely to stay loyal to you. By promoting the exchange of information through snackable content, you can create this feeling of belonging and enhance your customers to retain them. By mixing your snackable content with content marketing, you can transmit the information as well as advice transparently and authentically without emphasizing the advertising part. Think of informative videos, quick tutorials...

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