What is the role of the influencer?

What is the role of the influencer?

The role of the influencer in his community
The content creator interacts above all with his subscribers. With his community, he will be able to take on several roles:
‍Connect: the first role of the influencer is to federate a community around a passion or common values. By creating content in his/her niche, he/she will allow his/her followers to get in touch and be able to exchange with other people who share the same interests. But also, to discover brands, products, or events that also evolve in the same universe.
Inform: influencers have become media. Whether they offer purely informative content or not, they offer their audience relevant information in their field. When they collaborate with brands, they also share news, tips, etc.
Shape consumer opinion. Influencers are also, and perhaps above all else, trendsetters. Their audience consults and interacts with their content to inquire about new brands, discover good deals and more broadly find inspiration.

The role of the influencer for brands

If the role of the influencer is to inform, entertain and inspire his community, he also acts as an intermediary between his followers and the brands with which he collaborates.
Content creators are much more than brand icons or billboards, however. Indeed, they can become a real partner, help companies gain notoriety, and develop their offer.
The role of the influencer is to amplify the message of the brands
The influencer is above all a formidable sounding board for brands. It allows them to reach a wider audience and above all a more segmented one. The work that the content creator will do to capture the attention of his/her subscribers and engage them on a daily basis represents a great opportunity for companies to gain visibility and notoriety.
The influencer is a source of inspiration
Beyond the visibility he/she can offer to your brand, the primary role of an influencer is to be a true expert in his/her field. It is therefore the ideal interlocutor to understand the needs and aspirations of your target audience. Interactions with its community are all insights that will allow you to rework your positioning or adapt your products.
The role of an influencer is that of a collaborator
As already mentioned, the potential of a content creator goes far beyond promoting your products. It can also support your brand in the co-creation of content, and even new collections.

‍Including influencers in all stages of your communication, and even product design is a major stepping stone to expanding your audience and your company's exposure.
The influencer plays the role of a critic.
Influencer marketing, and campaigns carried out with content creators on social networks, are all levers for collecting large amounts of data.
‍The role of the influencer is therefore to allow you to assess the relevance of your marketing strategy. And to receive constructive advice on what you could improve not only in your communication but also in the design of your products or services.
Hence the value of working with influencers who know and appreciate your business. Or to establish long-term partnerships, which will help your brand evolve in the right direction and adapt to changes in its market.

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