‍What types of YouTube videos to publish as a brand?

‍What types of YouTube videos to publish as a brand?

Presentation of products or services
These videos are especially good for showing your products in action. It allows you to highlight its main features and benefits while including examples of use.
This is the kind of media that Internet users want to see when they inquire about your products, especially with a view to making a purchase. You can also adapt your presentation videos according to your different targets, focusing on specific aspects of your products.

Video tutorials and tips

The tutorial videos guide, step by step, for those who watch them to obtain an optimal outcome. If an Internet user is wondering, for example, how to install a parquet floor, he will easily find an explanatory video on this subject on YouTube. Making this type of YouTube video positions you as an expert. Know that any subject or product can be the subject of a tutorial.
‍It is a real sales tool, the idea being of course to highlight your products during the shooting of these videos, as Maybelline does on its YouTube channel.


Yes, brands can also show their daily life through vlogs! As a reminder, this type of YouTube video is mostly filmed in front of the camera. The director shares moments of his day or his week.
Think of this content as behind the scenes, which allows you to learn more about your corporate culture. On the one hand, it allows you to give a different image of your brand, more dynamic, lively, and concrete. On the other hand, it is an excellent way to cultivate your employer’s brand and make new employees want to join you.


Submitting interviews on your branded YouTube channel is a great way to build your authority and credibility. Invite experts in your field or influencers who can provide additional information on topics that interest your target.
By including personalities from outside your company, you also promote audience crossover, which can only be beneficial for your channel. Relatively easy to set up and run, the interview format on YouTube is a great way to increase your reach and view count.


To make live videos, different platforms are available to you such as Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, but also YouTube. In this way, you can share live content with your audience, which promotes exchanges and interactions. Once the broadcast is finished, it remains available on your channel. You can share live question and answer sessions with experts, webinars, events, or even more educational content, such as tutorials and advice videos. YouTube is also a platform that can lend itself to live shopping.

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