Which social media is best for making money?

Which social media is best for making money?

1- You can join phenomenon networks

If you have a following on social media, there are many phenomenon networks you should join. You can find advertisers for your social media accounts through them. Usually they are platforms of foreign origin, but using them you have a chance to get a significant advertiser in a short time.

In general, the system provides you with a direct direction according to the interests of your followers.


Is social media a good way to make money?


For example, BrandWatch is a great platform for this. In general, it brings together influencers and advertisers. You enter your social media profiles into the system and the platform takes care of the rest.

Other phenomenon networks:

ü  İzea

ü  CreatorIQ

ü  Upfluence

ü  AspireIQ

ü  Linqia


Which social media give you money?


2- You can sell somethings

One of the most effective ways to make money on social media is, of course, by making sales. You can do this on almost all platforms, but especially Instagram has unique features in this regard. In recent years, many new sales-oriented features have been introduced on Facebook as well.

You will have the opportunity to greatly increase your sales figures by developing products or services according to the interests of users who interact with your social media accounts or pages. Especially women buy more products from social media. Therefore, you can access the opportunity to earn more money on accounts with a high female follower rate.

When it comes to selling online, you should definitely act knowing that you need to find products that are particularly interesting. Otherwise, your sales may decrease day by day and you cannot achieve success in the direction you want. Therefore, it is recommended that you proceed towards products that are more affordable than the prices on the Internet or that are not easily found on the Internet.