Why invest in social media marketing?

Why invest in social media marketing?

The key is SMO!
Called Social Media Optimization, similar in operation to SEO, the strategy involves linking to content and other users. The main thing is to create and participate in interactions with Internet users considering the specificities of marketing on social networks. The immediacy and the speed of propagation are among the main characteristics.
The shift from one-way communication to dialogue is happening on social media. This provides direct feedback that personifies the company but also improves customer relations. However, it is important to maintain general consistency with all the company's communication. For this, it is necessary to define beforehand short and medium-term objectives after an audit of the various accounts that the company has. Actions on social media thus contribute to the effort to achieve business objectives.

A double benefit

Materially inexpensive, social media marketing nevertheless involves an investment of time in order to regularly publish quality content. A strategy that considers its target audiences and the specificity of each platform offers advantages from the point of view of the image, e-reputation, and natural referencing.
A strategy that also applies to B2B relations
Through social media, it is possible for a company to strengthen its position in a particular area, but also the commitment of its partners. To do this, it is then possible to ask the company's employees to create content relating to their area of ​​expertise or to highlight the projects carried out, always in a format adapted to the selected platform.

What are the long-term prospects?

It is difficult to predict the evolution of social media platforms as the sector is so dynamic. However, hypotheses are emerging. The development of artificial intelligence offers even more ways to personalize and individualize communications. Social media would then allow very precise targeting of audiences, thus increasing the effectiveness of marketing actions. Augmented virtual reality, in the long term, could also revolutionize communication. In short, it is a rapidly expanding area of ​​communication that’s not to be overlooked.

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