Why Is Facebook Scrolling On Its Own Mac?

Why Is Facebook Scrolling On Its Own Mac?

You're not the only Mac user who has discovered that Facebook seems to be scrolling on its own. This problem, as many users have mentioned, may be annoying and make using the site challenging.

Facebook's auto-play videos are a frequent cause of the platform's auto-scrolling behavior on a Mac. When auto-play is turned on, Facebook will play videos while you navigate through your newsfeed. The videos may stutter or halt if your internet connection is sluggish or unpredictable, giving the impression that Facebook is scrolling on its own.

Try turning off auto-play videos in your Facebook settings to address this problem. Open Facebook and choose the arrow in the upper-right corner of the page to accomplish this. Next, select "Settings" from the left-hand menu, then "Videos" from the list. Last but not least, switch "Auto-Play Videos" to "Off." This should stop Facebook from playing videos automatically and might possibly fix the scrolling problem.

Hardware difficulties might also be to blame for Facebook on a Mac scrolling automatically. The pointer could move or scroll on its own if your mouse or trackpad is broken or experiencing issues. The software or keyboard on your Mac might possibly be the source of the issue.

Try cleaning your mouse or trackpad to see if it clears up any blockages or debris that could be the problem. To determine whether the problem still exists, you may also try attaching an external mouse or trackpad to your Mac. If the keyboard or software on your Mac seems to be the issue, you may need to get in touch with Apple support for advice.

The third reason Facebook may be scrolling automatically on a Mac is because of add-ons or plugins for certain browsers. Sometimes, browser add-ons and plugins might obstruct Facebook's operation and other websites. whether your browser has any extensions or plugins installed, try deactivating each one separately to see whether the scrolling problem is fixed.

Open your browser and use the menu option in the upper right corner to deactivate extensions or plugins. Find any plugins or extensions that could be connected to Facebook or online surfing by clicking on "Extensions" or "Plugins" in the menu that appears. Once you've located a plugin or extension that might be causing issues, try disabling it and refreshing Facebook to see if the problem has been fixed.

In conclusion, Facebook scrolling by itself on a Mac may be annoying and make using the site challenging. You may fix the problem and make sure that using Facebook is seamless and pleasurable by removing auto-play videos, checking for hardware problems, and uninstalling browser extensions or plugins. You may need to get in touch with Apple or Facebook support if the problem continues if you want further help.


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