Why monitor your online reputation?

Why monitor your online reputation?

If, as a seller, you do not have a good image on the internet, the progress of your sales, or even the survival of your business, may suffer greatly. Indeed, a negative e-reputation can be extremely penalizing.
E-reputation is a vector of trust
To be more concrete, nearly 80% of Internet users get information on the web before making a purchase. This statistic alone proves the importance of e-reputation.
To sell well, the consumer must therefore be trusted. E-reputation must be controlled and monitored to leave nothing to chance.
To sell better
If the reputation of your company on the web is good, you will certainly, if your marketing is good, gain market share or at least not lose it.
Thinking about reselling your business
Indeed, it will be much easier to resell a company that has a good image on the web, than a company that has experienced a bad buzz, for example.
You will sell it faster and especially more expensive than if it has a bad press on the internet.

How to improve your e-reputation?

1. Keep in touch with your customers
customer contact this is the secret of a good e-reputation: keeping in touch with your customers.
Conduct satisfaction surveys asking your customers how you can improve your products and services. The survey will also help crystallize negative feedback. Dissatisfied customers will “empty their bag” by answering your questionnaire, which will prevent them from doing it on social networks or the web.
Also, use the results of your surveys or questionnaires to improve your products and improve customer satisfaction.
Knowing your target customers well and choosing your customers well so as not to generate disappointment: indeed, choosing your customers well is one of the secrets that improves customer satisfaction.
So be as close as possible to your customers in order to avoid the “pressure cooker” syndrome, for example, the customer who accumulates resentment towards you without you being informed.
2. Improve your after-sales service for a good e-reputation
The quality of your after-sales service will have a very significant impact on your e-reputation. You will therefore need to organize it well in order to limit dissatisfaction. Do not hesitate to make commercial gestures to any dissatisfied people to limit negative feedback.
3. Work on your reactivity
As much with prospects as with customers or partners, it is essential to be reactive. This will not give grain to grind to possible dissatisfaction.
4. Ask customers to leave reviews
Staying close to your customers will help you get to know them better. You will then be able to identify your most satisfied customers.
You will then be able to ask them to leave you a positive opinion on your social networks or on your Google My Business account.
It is also a must that you obtain video testimonials from these same customers. You can then post this video on your social networks, your website, and on YouTube. You will thus spread a positive image of your company on the web.

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