Why should we monitor what consumers say?

Why should we monitor what consumers say?

Quite simply because we are all increasingly engaged users on social networks, and it would be commercial suicide to deny this reality. All companies, B2B or B2C, that are very active on social networks, can and should take advantage of the real-time consumption that social listening offers them.
Social data must today be considered as a source of insights to understand and adapt its behavior towards its consumers, current or future. Even better: the companies with the most mature behavior vis-à-vis this social data know how much the latter, so shared at all decision-making levels, makes it possible to make the appropriate strategic shifts, well beyond pure marketing considerations. It is no longer just a question of listening to what is said about your brand, but of understanding the behavior of the competition, operating a better segmentation of your customers, anticipating trends or even displaying the best possible behavior to maintain your audience.

All involved in the study of social media
From the CEO to the Consumer & Market Insights manager, via the Data scientist or the CRM manager; everyone without exception should be able to count on a regular reporting of insights from social data. And tomorrow, all business decisions will be based on the exploitation of the fruit of social listening.
When you are able to justify your intentions with arguments from the live market, through your behavior as captured by a powerful social listening tool and highlighted by expert analysis; there is much less difficulty in having your marketing/communication budget validated upstream and in adapting your messages in real time once the campaigns are launched.
And what a mine of valuable user feedback for a product team in constant search for improvement! Without even having to solicit your audience, and risk bias in the rendering of the experience provoked, you can now understand where, when how the product intervenes with the consumer, and above all what are the immediate limits denounced by the latter.
As futile as it may seem during such serious considerations, the perfect example is the make-up tutorial with product testing on YouTube.

Social listening is more than a simple process for monitoring performance on social networks.
And finally, if it is time to get into social listening, it is above all so as not to fall behind in the implementation of a transverse dynamic of social intelligence. From a quasi-gadget utility confined to crisis management, social listening is gradually progressing within large organizations towards the recognition of an essential milestone to ensure the overall success of the brand strategy.
If you want to know a little more about the social listening of the words of one of our founders, watch the webinar produced by Guilhem by clicking on the button below.

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