Why use Reddit for your marketing strategy?

Why use Reddit for your marketing strategy?

Reddit has over 430 million active users, with over 30 billion page views per month. A platform particularly used by a young audience. In February 2021, 36% of 18-29-year-olds use Reddit in the United States. Clearly, Reddit is an essential platform for any marketing acquisition strategy worthy of the name.

Organize your organic reach strategy on Reddit

It remains to determine good practices for marketing on Reddit. We suggest, in the rest of this article, to discover the different methods to make yourself visible on this social network.

Engage with your community

Engaging with a Reddit community should be done in an authentic way, especially if you are positioning yourself in a niche market. The resulting exchanges should be seen as an opportunity to learn more about your prospects.
A way to better understand what is right or wrong with your product, and your offer, while helping potential customers solve the problems they may face.

Follow the latest trends and find catchy headline ideas for your articles

Anyone can use Reddit. You don't even need to create an account if you're just reading.
As a result, your marketing/content creation teams can use the platform as a search engine and determine trending topics, engaging topics, and those that interest the public.
In addition to trend analysis, Reddit is a social network highlighting quality content. Users mostly rely on titles to follow threads.
Marketers and web writers can therefore observe the most commented exchanges and the way the content is rotated to find ideas for content to create.

Leverage suggestions made by your target audience

Reddit is full of business-relevant conversations. You can learn more about your audience's favorite products or what they think of the competition.
By studying the conversations on the subject, your company can get a clearer idea of ​​its strengths and weaknesses and therefore determine the efforts to be made to meet customer expectations.

Create a subreddit for your brand and engage your community

Rather than sticking with existing subreddits, you can create one dedicated solely to your brand. You will then have access to a dedicated space, allowing you to bring together and centralize conversations around your brand.
This subreddit can be a powerful way to generate leads, interact with some of your customers, or simply share news related to your industry. Relevant content allows you to establish a real relationship with your audience.

Organize AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions

AMA sessions are based on a simple concept. Redditors can ask the organizer anything, in a specially dedicated space. The person then takes the time to answer all the questions put to him (provided that they relate to the subject initially planned).
Thus, a company can distribute its content via Reddit, during question-and-answer sessions. Indeed, users will ask questions about the offers, services, or projects offered by the company.