X Unveils Job Listing Feature for Premium Users on Personal Profiles

X Unveils Job Listing Feature for Premium Users on Personal Profiles

A big professional networking site called "X" has added more job posting options inside its app, which is a big change for the industry. With this new tool, all U.S. X Premium subscribers can show open jobs on both their business pages and their personal accounts.

Before, companies could only post job listings on X by paying $1,000 a month for a package called "Verification for Organizations." The new feature, on the other hand, lets personal accounts post job ads for their businesses. This makes X's professional services more comprehensive.

This move is part of X's larger plan to become a "everything app," putting it in competition with YouTube, Twitch, Messenger, and other apps. Its X Hiring feature is aimed directly at LinkedIn, and the site has already shown promise by advertising over 750,000 jobs.

For years, sites like Twitter have been good for making business connections. By adding job posts, X is making this more official. Because of this, it could be a useful tool for brands that want to find the best candidates.

The real test for X Hiring, though, will be how well it does at filling these jobs. There are more job postings likely to happen now that brands can list open positions, but it remains to be seen how well these posts work as a way to find new employees. It will be interesting to see what numbers X shares in the future about how well these job ads are doing.

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