YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

YouTube is entering the race to compete with TikTok with its short-form video format. Now you will have to rely on the new YouTube Shorts feature, which will allow you to create short videos of up to 60 seconds, directly from your smartphone.
Creating Shorts is quite simple and quick, and it encourages the use of the smartphone to create or watch them. Google, which is behind YouTube, is a fortiori legitimate in adopting this format. The flagship video hosting platform and second search engine in the world have strong arguments to come and compete with TikTok in its preferred field.
We will now have to rely on YouTube Shorts in the race for the short video format, and let time tell us if SEO possibilities will strengthen the interest in the feature.

Introducing the YouTube Shorts feature

The YouTube Shorts feature will allow you to create and watch short videos from your smartphone. You can discover on YouTube, the presentation of the Shorts and what they can bring you. YouTube tells you how to create them and how to use them.
The first to benefit from the YouTube Shorts format was the United States, England as always, and some South American countries and it must have reached more than 100 countries now. The beta version of the Shorts is therefore available for users in Europe too.
A format that should make YouTube users, influencers, and community managers happy as it’s part of the social media marketing tools.

Where to watch YouTube Shorts?

There are several ways to find short film content on YouTube.
On the YouTube homepage and in the “Shorts” section.
On your channel page if you customize it that way.
In the “Videos to watch next” module.
Search YouTube with the hashtag #shorts.
In the feed of channels that you are subscribed to.

Can we monetize content in the format of Shorts?

YouTube short videos do not generate revenue from YouTube Premium subscriptions and do not display ads during playback.
As such, they also do not count towards eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program.

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