Start Time

All of our services has different start time. You can find start time for all services belong the services description area.

Partial Status

About status of partial if any early cancel happens for service this status Show remained amount of your order. For example for $1 per 1000 service if order partially refunded after 200 delivered. You will saw 800 partial and $0.8 amount will refunded your wallet automatically.

How can I add funds

For add funds to your wallet you can use add funds area after logged in. If you don’t have any payment method on add funds area please reach us for more payment method.

Instagram Auto services

You can use our auto services for “Instagram post like”,”Instagram Reel views”,”Instagram Reel like” you can find these services on auto “Instagram” category

Which "Youtube view " services should I use

You can find several services on our “Youtube View” category for learn which services fits you better please reach us via Skype or ticket on panel.

How can I get link of "youtube comment"

For give “youtube comment like” order you need to get link of comment which you want to get likes. Fort this link you need to right click on timestamp area which right of the comment after that you can select copy link address.

Is your services include Refill guarantee

All of our services has different refill guarantee time and some of them doesn’t include refill guarentee. You can get correct information for refill guarantee on description area.