8 tips for creating an effective social media marketing strategy

If the optimization of the flow of products is essential for the success of your e-commerce activity on social networks, it is necessary first to create a social commerce strategy that will allow you to gain visibility and generate more conversions. Here are a series of 8 best practices to apply to your online accounts:
Have a complete profile on social networks,
Find and follow influencers that match you activity,
Join online groups and communities in your industry,
Share quality content every day,
Find ways to generate engagement,
Be credible by posting testimonials, sharing exploits, retweeting customer reviews, etc.,
Take advantage of ads on social networks,
Customize and update your stores on social platforms with product collections, tags in your ads, etc.

Instagram: engaging and effective posts as soon as they are published

With two-thirds of Instagram users under the age of 34 (out of 1 billion active users each month), brands are investing more and more in the platform launched in 2010. The format of stories is particularly popular with the community, which spends around 30 minutes each day on the app, with an average engagement rate of 1.94% across all types of content. Among the techniques recommended for Instagram: create your store to encourage purchases, and using Reels, but also the functions of the application, such as live shopping or instant messaging.

TikTok: collaborating with influencers to promote your store

The most engaging social network with user sessions of 10.85 minutes on average, TikTok has enjoyed strong popularity in recent months. The app, which is the most popular on the App Store and Google Play, has 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. To perform on TikTok and generate sales for your e-commerce activity, it is advisable to create a TikTok store by taking care of your product catalog, posting video content that will attract users, or collaborating with influencers to promote your brand and your products.

Snapchat: Contests to boost the acquisition of new customers

With more than 210 million snaps sent every day and a daily usage time of 28 minutes, Snapchat also offers great opportunities for brands to reach more customers and boost their sales on the platform. The majority age group is 18-24 (38.9%), ahead of 25-34 (22%) and 13-17 (21.1%), out of an estimated total of 319 million daily users.
To perform on this channel, it is recommended to use augmented reality and Snapchat contests, like the one made by Oreo. The principle: Snap chatters had to scan specially created packaging, with codes to unlock with the app's Lenses. Several prizes were at stake in this "Oreo People" contest, which allowed the brand to obtain 31.4 million impressions in 6 weeks.