What is SMM and how can we do that? Detailed smm guide

What is SMM and how can we do that? Detailed smm guide

What is SMM and how can we do that? Detailed smm guide


Using of social media for business


Today we want to talk about what is smm and how can we do that. There are many types of social media and they all have different uses. Social networking to connect with many people for your business purpose has great advantages for you. It gives you a great platform to create your own identity with your own efforts and skills. There are discussion forums available to get the best solutions for your questy discussing with many experienced people. To share your images, videos, question and answer sessions are also possible through social media. This article will bring to your notice some important uses of social media. 

What is smm and how can we do that? Information article for smm


Important uses of social media


1.         Connecting many people


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ect sites are used to connect a huge number of people without any restrictions. These connections can help you many ways. Advertising your brands, launching new products, expanding your business, showing your skills and so on. This platform enables you to create your own image in the market and become successful. Your followers will appreciate it by liking your brands and promoting your page as well. Use it wisely to get benefited. 


2.            Problem solving


Campaigns, queries, questions and answers etc are the most important activities you can do on this platform to solve your problems. There are experts, celebrities, inspirations, doctors and even the people who anonymously can solve your problems. If you face any kind of problem, you can get the people on social media who can solve your problem provided who meet the real people. 


3.            Advertising


Advertising your brands on social media is a great benefit for the sellers. This audience is not just following your page but are also notified for your shared content about your products. This attracts them to try your products and this way they become your buyers. There are many other ways to promote your brand like making promotional videos and posting, keeping stories, sharing the posts with your friends and followers, taggit the interested people, using the hashtags to label your posts to connect with other people. As they find them interesting, they visit your page and check the details. 


What is smm and how can we do that? Smm success secrets for entrepreneurs


Some more importance of social media


4.            Learning and educating


Educational videos are available for the teaching and learning purposes. You can learn, you can impart your knowledge as well. Science, mathematics, geography, tourism, botany to learn about plants, crafting and art, everything is available to learn. If you wish to make such educational videos, you can certainly do that. Make sure you provide authentic content. Ve creative like a master of the subject. 


5.            Discussion forum


Quora, reddit etc are the discussion forums where you can ask your questions to get the best answers. Everyone gives their opinion to answer your questions and this way you can have many opinions. The other side even you can answer to others. Many solve each other's problema by great discussion. These forums are useful to keep your opinions, improve your communication skills, connect with people, learn and get the best answers. You can even become famous if your opinions are great. 


It's up to us how skillfully we use these social media for our benefits. These are the blessings for all kinds of generations if we use them smartly. 


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How much should I charge for social media marketing? Review article

How much should I charge for social media marketing? Review article

How much should I charge for social media marketing? Review article

Anyone who wants to start a business on social media asks the same thing: How much should I charge for social media marketing? Usually 1,000 USD is sufficient for most small businesses. But before you start spending, there are some things you need to know. Here are the details:

How to create an account on Instagram? 


Using Instagram is not a big deal if you follow all the steps correctly. But before that know the purpose of creating an account on Instagram. There are many purposes to create an account. There are many types of accounts which enable you to get the benefits according to your needs. Some people create accounts to become famous, some of us want to connect to many people including celebrities. The others want to show their skills. This is the platform where you can find anything. Business to study everything is available with the great ideas on Instagram. As you decide the purpose you need to follow these steps so that you can use your Instagram account efficiently. 

How much should I charge for social media marketing? Secrets of success on smm


Step by step process use Instagram


1.         Creating account


Creating an account is not a big deal if you have an email account or a mobile number. Then you will be asked to choose a username. You will also be asked giving the options for your username if you like. Then a strong password is required to continue. Email or phone number, anything you can add to continue. You can even continue if you have a Facebook account and this is easier to get followers as you find all those Facebook friends who do have Instagram accounts. 


2.            Follow for follow back


From adding your profile picture and start following your Facebook friends to get followers back. Then click on your profile picture right in the bottom side to edit your profile. Click on the edit profile to continue the process. 


3.            Creating bio


Your bio is a short introduction about yourself and your page. Make it very creative and informative to attract more followers. As you switch to a professional account it will enable you to add your website, email address and the other details. If your account is private there will be no label available for you. So you need to describe who you are. 


4.            Find the people to follow


You can invite your friends sharing your profile with them, you can follow any page for what you are interested in. Celebrities, business hubs, talented people, writers etc are available on Instagram. You can follow anyone if it is not a private account. To follow a private account you need to request. You will get a follow back as well. 

How much should I charge for smm? Tips and advices for entrepreneurs


The other important steps for creating an account Instagram


5.            Edit name


You can edit and change your name anytime you want. Choose the name your friends know, so that they can find you to follow. 


6.            Change your profile picture


After adding one profile picture, you can change anytime. It is so easy. You can upload from your library or click a picture or directly import from the Facebook account. 


7.            Other settings


You can switch to any type of account from the settings. You can turn off your active status for privacy concerns. Other more settings are available for your facility. 


Many people find it difficult to create an account for them on Instagram. But these are very easy steps to get an account. Once you are able to make your account, you will use it like a pro. 

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How can I improve my SMM skills? How can I be a famous person?

How can I improve my SMM skills? How can I be a famous person?

How can I improve my SMM skills? How can I be a famous person?


If you want to create a business or become a famous person, you should learn how to do smm. And we’re sure you are asking now: How can I improve my SMM? Here the secrets and all answers!


How to become famous on social media?


There are many ways to become famous on social media if you are talented. The most important thing is that you should know how to get the attention of the people or maybe you should know what actually the people like. You can get them to your page with your uniqueness, skills, entertaining, providing what they want and so on. Know actually what you can do being very smart. You need to spend time with them, involve them in your conversation and create what actually this world needs. If you know how to use social media being ethical with your skills, you can create your world successfully on social media with the support of your followers. Here I have some suggestions that can help you to become famous on social media. 



How can I improve my SMM skills and become a celebrity on social media?



How can I improve my SMM?


Ways to become famous on social media


  1. Are you entertaining? 


Can you make them laugh? Can you educate them with your expert knowledge? Can you inspire them with your words? And many more questions I would want to ask you if you wish to become famous. It should be worthy to follow your page to get something new and entertaining. You can't be a plagiarist to copy someone, but it should be your own way to represent any topic. And your uniqueness will drag people on your page to follow you. Give your knowledge for beauty, makeup tips, hairstyles, rituals to be followed before sleeping, yoga, meditation, exercise etc. Inspire them with your words. Talk to them. Ask questions. Show your skills and so on. There are many ways to get followers and then to be liked by them and become famous. Decide your rules and start. 


2.            Spend some time with your followers


Spending time for scheduling your posts, followers and creating videos and stories will improve the bonding between you and followers. They will become loyal to appreciate you, give you feedback, share your posts to attract more followers and like your page. Isn't that amazing? Who does if it doesn't benefit him/her nowadays. But it's still possible on social media. Spending time for them is worthy if they are bridging the gap between you and your success. 


How can I improve my SMM? What are the smm tools for social media?


And these should not be forgotten that will definitely help you to become famous


3.            Involve your audience


Your followers should not get bored and feel to unfollow you. They mostly unfollow if your account is dormant with no activity. According to your page interest you need to think to create some relevant activities to get them engaged. This will make them active and inspire them to participate with you. Make videos, talk to them, question them, celebrate with them and so many more you can do this engage them. Learn more and act like a pro. 


4.            Link your contacts in your bio and highlights


Linking contact doesn't mean I am insisting you to give your personal number if you don't want. Add your YouTube channel link, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, Snapchat and wherever you are if you want them to connect you there. This will help you to gain more followers to appreciate your skills. 


Nothing is impossible if you have skills and know how to use it. Social media has made it easy for you to connect a huge number of people. They will love to see you selflessly. So polish your skills more and start with a very good intention. It will test your patience to gain followers and likes but as you will learn and grow more you will have a huge space to show your skills. 

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How to build a business with social media marketing (smm)?

How to build a business with social media marketing (smm)?

How to build a business with social media marketing (smm)?



If you want to create a business and wonder how to build a business with social media marketing, this article is definitely just for you, dear readers. Here all the details:


Benefits of a business account on Instagram


When I opened my account on Instagram, I saw the different options were available to create my account. I mean it gives options to make your account private, personal, professional and business. So you can decide with your aims what kind of account you want. It depends on your needs and reason to open the account on Instagram. You can even switch to any kind of account whenever you need effortlessly. Every account has its own speciality and benefits. Here would like to let you know the benefits of having a business account.



How to build a business with social media marketing tools? Instagram and more


Benefits of a business account on Instagram


  1. Easy contact


Your business account will enable you to add a contact button so that the interested pet can contact you easily. This will improve the credibility and satisfactory level of the consumers. If they have any queries then can sort out contacting you. This feature of a business account will connect you with your buyers directly so that you can have a great conversation to improve the relationship between buyers and sellers. 


2.            Promotion botton


It enables you to have your promotion button in order to promote your most liked post to attract the followers to try your products. This is still free of costs.  You can connect with your Facebook friends and followers to advertise your brand and expand your business. This is actually limitless as it connects you to another social media. It's a great benefit to combine both and get maximum buyers and spa e to promote your brand. 



How to build a business with social media marketing on Instagram?


Some more important benefits of business accounts on Instagram

3.            Insights


Everyone would love to check the stats of his/her page. Who and from where visited their page, the detailed analysis will be known by this feature of business accounts on Instagram. Each and every details of the visitors you will come to know. Timely details will help you to know how to improve your page more. It will let you know the history and impressions of your posts. 


4.            Special feature of stories


It will enable you to link your important addresses to your stories so that the followers can check them easily. This is the best feature for your products marketing. Adding a direct URL is more beneficial for your business for the marketing and promotion purpose. But this feature is limited with certain conditions. You will have 10k followers to get the benefit of this feature. 

All the types of accounts have special features according to the purpose. You need to know what kind of account is required for your goals. Business account is best for those who have business of buying and selling their products. It's a great opportunity to start your own business if it's that simple and easy on social media. 

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What goes into Social Media Marketing? Important information and review

What goes into Social Media Marketing? Important information and review

What goes into Social Media Marketing? Important information and review

Do you wonder what goes into social media marketing? If you want to learn how to apply smm to your business, this article is just for you! We are starting.


How to use social media for your small scale business? 


Pros and cons everything has, it all depends on how you use it for your betterment. Social media is the place where you find good and bad both. But how to use it smartly is the first step towards your success. Especially when you plan to start your new small scale business. Everything which benefits you requires hard work. From the start to end with a great success social media supports you amazingly. And it's still not the end but time to become an entrepreneur, as famous as a celebrity. Here I have some great tips to start your small scale business on social media and use it to achieve success. 



What goes into Social Media Marketing?


How will you use social media for your small scale business? 


1.         Advertisement of your brand


Advertisement on social media is very cheap and affordable. But it all depends on you whether you want to promote. Your followers are more than enough to do it for you. And it depends on how loyal they are. If they have used your brands and are happy using them, they will definitely share your page with their followers and friends so that they too can get benefits. This way you will get more buyers and followers. They will like your products and give you feedback, this will help you to promote your brand on social media. 


2.            Gaining buyers


Your followers are your buyers who get the notifications of your every post share. With very good content details you need to win their heart. Giving true details and replying their queries will help you to create a good image of your brand in the market. Eventually you will get more followers and buyers who will get attracted to your brands and would love to try. Maximum likes of your content will help you to attract more people to buy your products. But there is a need to become creative and different from others. 


3.            Getting feedback


As consumers use your products they let you know about their experience. So it's very important that you are selling quality products. It should be worth buying. They will give you positive feedback. The other people who get to see these feedbacks will be attracted to try and so they start following your page to see something new to try. These feedbacks will help you to improve the quality of your products and for the forecasting of demand and supply of the next business year. 



What goes into Social Media Marketing? How to use smm to be famous?


The other ways to use social media for your small scale business


4.            Creating business


When you successfully earn the profits from your small scale business, it will encourage you to expand your business in order to earn more profits and new business. Your confidence and the loyal buyers on social media will make it easy for you. You don't need to collect new buyers, instead they will bridge the gap to reach more people to sell your products. Because they have good experience with your brand and so do they are sure to buy other products as well. 


5.            Becoming famous with profit


When you get to converse with many people, you will get to connect more people. More people, more likes and more followers will know you. Your brand will become famous with your hard work and quality products. This way you become famous, along with earning profits. 


No matter where you are, you can give the best service online. The courier services will make it easier to connect you with your buyers. How easy is this if you have capital to start your own business! Risk is required to be successful. No risk doesn't require hard work and efforts and so it doesn't make success. 

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What do you mean by social media marketing? Detailed review and information

What do you mean by social media marketing? Detailed review and information

What do you mean by social media marketing? Detailed review and information


Many of people ask same questions. What do you mean by social media marketing? If you have a business or want to be a famous person, smm is just for you. How to do social media marketing? Let’s see below.

Advantages of marketing of your business on social media


When I wish to become an entrepreneur, I start my small scale business with all the planning and efforts. But this is not an easy task as it seems. As I am ready with my brand, I need buyers. Where will I get them until the people know about my brand. Moreover I need to build trust in order to create the best and a huge brand image. How can I do this? This seems time consuming and costly as well. But there is a blessing called social media for your small scale business to introduce your brand for free. That will make it easy to let people know about your brand from marketing. This is yet not enough, there are many more advantages of marketing on social media for your brand. Let's check out which are those. 



What do you mean by social media marketing? Smm for celebrities and entrepreneurs


Amazing advantages of marketing on social media for your brand


1.         Advertisement with a less cost


When you create a business account, you start getting followers. As you create the posts and share them using relevant hashtags, your page is liked by the people and they wish to try. But there is a need to build credibility and fir that you need to be patient to gain more followers and likes. You may have to follow back and these are all your marketing strategies. If you wish to give advertisement through social media that is too very less cost. So it won't make you worried for your budget. This way you find the best place to connect with many people to sell your products. 


2.            Create a new brand image


If you want to introduce a new product in the market, you will make your strategy for marketing and decide the budget as well. But the best way to introduce your new product is to share it on social media. If you already have a large audience, it's great to let them know about your products. Many decide free giveaways so that the followers try them and buy more, share with others and give you feedback as well. This is the best way to gain credibility and to create a huge brand image. 



What do you mean by social media marketing? How to do social media marketing?


Some other benefits of marketing on social media for your brand


3.            Attract buyers


Your strategies for marketing will help you to gain more buyers on social media. You can keep contests to attract them and check out your page. You can ask your followers and friends to promote your page with the other people. You can keep attractive stories by making videos and pictures. Once you are successful gaining credibility, you will gain many followers and likes as it all depends on authentication of your content and credibility. 


4.            Demand forecasting


The sales of the year will help you to decide how much supply is required for the next year. You can even see the feedback of the buyers in order to improve your production. Social media is the perfect market structure for your small scale business where many buyers and sellers are existing. You all will support each other to come up with your new products and strategies. Your stillness and hard work will change the picture of your starting stage to successful stage. 


There are many more advantages of the marketing for your products on social media like becoming famous, connecting many people, getting feedback and the consumer satisfaction as well. You would love to expand your business here. 

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Why is social media marketing? Education, business and more

Why is social media marketing? Education, business and more

Why is social media marketing? Education, business and more

Social media marketing is very important for business, education and other fields all around the world. If you wonder why is social media marketing? This article is just for you!

Uses of social media for education


Well, everything has its good and bad side. But it is up to us whether we use it to create something or to ruin something. Social media is always blacklisted by the people for the bad activities performed by the people themselves. I must tell you, social media is a great place to grow well provided you have a healthy mind. To connect intelligent people, social media is a medium. Many talented people dwell there. They impart education, share their skills and inspire others to switch to positivity. I learn a lot from this platform. Art, craft, education, learning, happiness etc what you can share with your audience. This article will bring to your notice how we use social media for the end purpose. 



Why is social media marketing? Importance of social media for education


How do people use social media for the learning purpose? 


  1. Educational videos on social media


Nowadays online learning has become a more important aspect of the education system. The educators are making educational videos to impart knowledge. No matter where you are, you can see those useful educational videos to learn and clear your doubts. Any topic you want, you will be able to get it with the best lectures and examples. You would love to learn effortlessly. You can pause, restart and watch repeatedly until you get the concept clear. 


2.            Groups for the discussion and clear the doubts


The most important benefits of group discussion is to get different ideas and point of views to make your topic more interesting. The members can explain the topic through verbal discussion, videos, visual pictures simplifying your subject to clear the concept for the best learning. You can ask the members if you have doubts. They come up with great ideas to make your topic easy and interesting. 



Why is social media marketing for your business and education?


Using social media for learning more effectively


3.            Ideas for art and crafts


The students are very much interested in art and craft. I must tell you that there are many creative and awesome pages for the art and craft. You will get immersed seeing them how amazing this world is. You will fall in love with their skills. This is the best platform to improve your skill, learn and show your creativity. You will find the fans who will appreciate your every single post which makes them forget their worries while watching your creativity. 


4.            Motivation and inspiration to do your best


And when you feel a little tired and stressed, when you face failures on your ways, you can energise yourself getting the positive energy from our inspirations. Many inspirational speeches are available on social media that will wake up to get back to work. Our children need these speeches to get motivated to do something. They learn from these as they have a blank mind which can be easily molded to show the right path. 


We restrict our kids to use social media in order to restrict them from coming into contact with bad people. But if it is used wisely, it can be a great medium to find the great teachers. It can be the great medium to collect the best interactive lecturers making your kids interested in learning. So make your learning easy using social media wisely. 

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How do I do social media marketing? Detailed review and information

How do I do social media marketing? Detailed review and information

How do I do social media marketing? Detailed review and information


Do you wonder how do I do social media marketing for my business? Greatsmm pro will help you about that! Here our secrets!


What are the stories on social media? How can you use this feature to make your page popular? 


No matter where you are, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram, you will find a corner where you can keep your images, videos, thoughts or even a someone's post. To keep stories or status are so easy to keep effortlessly. But the most important thing you should know is why do we use this feature? This is really not a waste of time as many people find it easy and quick to see others' stories. This feature enables you to make your videos or images visual for the people for 24 hours. Many people are finding it useful for their small scale business. Many are polishing their skills through their stories, such great demons you can find. My this article will let you know how important this feature is for your page to become popular. 



How do I do social media marketing? Important tips for smm for business


Importance of keeping stories to mark your page popular


1.         Quick show off of your brand


People spend time seeing stories just because they are very quick and less time consuming. They find them useful, informative and sometimes funny as well. They even get the different types of ideas to create their own stories and posts. Stories are in bulk so that you are able to see many posts within a short time span. 


2.            You can connect the people 


It doesn't matter where you are through social media everything is possible. As your stories are visible for others, others too can see your stories. This is the best way to connect many people, see their business, talent and skills. You can even give your comments through these stories. If you find them useful you can follow them. The others too can follow you. 


How do I do social media marketing easily at home?


Some more uses of the stories feature to make your page popular


3.            Features of the stories


I must tell you, this is what I truly love. Different features of the stories enable you to create your story in your own way. Ask the people questions, keep your songs according to your mood, polls and so on to enable you make your stories meaningful involving other people. You can even mention others, use boomerang to make a short video, get the replies of your stories. How amazing is that! I must say this feature is very active to activate and involve others in your stories. 


4.            Attracting people to visit your page by asking questions


Questions and answers, voting and likes, these are the ways to attract more people to visit your page. Who doesn't want interesting stories to visit to lighten up your mood. But it's still up to your talent how you get them interested and get involved in your stories. You can do this amazingly using all the features according to your Post's requirements. Be creative and awesome to make people crazy for your stories. 


Stories are used differently how you want. Many people sell their products through these features. Many show their talent and skills, singing, dancing, workout inspiration, quotes and so on. Use it wisely to become the most popular. 

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What is meant by SMM? Definition of smm for business life

What is meant by SMM? Definition of smm for business life

What is meant by SMM? Definition of smm for business life


Do you wonder what is meant by smm? SMM (social media marketing) is an indispensable internet marketing tool for companies. This is also known as e-marketing or digital marketing. With SMM, you can take all your marketing efforts to success and reach a big data analysis. Today, as greatsmm smm sales platform, we walso will talk about benefits of hashtags for your business, if you are ready, we can start.

Benefits of hashtags to attract followers and likes. 


Hashtags are created to label your content so that the same kind of interested people can find your posts. Using hashtags perfectly for your posts is a skill. You should know the relevant hashtags which are the perfect match for your content. 


What is meant by SMM? Importance of hashtags for digital marketing/ e-marketing


Why do we use hashtags? 


Without hashtags your posts are the letter without addresses. So now you know how important your hashtags are for your posts. You can even try posting without hashtags. Only the people who follow you will get to see your posts and so do you get less likes for your page if you have less followers. Using hashtags increases the probability to visible your posts to the other interested people as many people follow hashtags too. More hashtags will allow more people to see your posts. Hashtags are the easy ways to connect more people, attract them to follow you and increase the likes for your page. 


Benefits of hashtags for your posts to gain more likes and followers


1.         Allow people to find your content easily


We know very well how to use hashtags for our posts. Using the maximum hashtags will increase the probability to increase the likes and followers. Whatever you want to see with your interest, you follow the hashtags for the same. This way how you are able to see the posts, the others get the same. 


2.            People are encouraged to find your page


When your post is seen by the people and if they like it, they become curious to see more posts from you and this way they get attracted to your page. They start following you when they find it useful. Labels are very important for your post in order to find the correct place to find the correct followers. Hashtags are those labels to save your posts under certain categories. 


3.            Help your posts to connect with many people


It's quite difficult to find the followers and share your posts to get them like your page. Relevant hashtags enable you to connect with many people through your posts. And these will be your real followers with correct interest. They will like and share your posts so that you will be able to get more likes and followers. 


What is meant by SMM: Create an online business with digital marketing


Here are some more uses of hashtags to attract followers and likes


4.            Help you to attract many followers


If I find posts with the same interest as my page I would definitely like to follow. I may be followed back back by them. This is possible when my posts are seen by them and I can see their posts. Hashtags enable you to get more followers by labeling your posts with the same interest. Hashtags are actually a corner where you can find the same posts as yours if perfectly used. Followers are attracted when they find what they actually want. And they find it under hashtags labels. 


5.            Help you to get many likes


As I said, hashtags enable the people to find your posts and like them. This way just using hashtags will help you to gain many likes if you use them correctly according to your content. 


No matter what your page is about, the most important thing is how to post correctly. Hashtags maximizes your space on social media so that you will connect the pet limitlessly. Use them smartly in order to gain more followers and likes. 

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What is SMM in digital marketing? Importance of social media marketing

What is SMM in digital marketing? Importance of social media marketing

What is SMM in digital marketing? Importance of social media marketing

If you are interested in social media, you must have seen that SMM is mentioned everywhere. Smm, that is, social media marketing, constitutes one of the most important areas of commerce and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs who want to make money on social media are constantly interested in smm-related issues. SMM is realized through sales through the social media panel. Users strengthen their social media accounts by buying products such as likes and followers through the smm panel, you can see other details below. Greatsmm pro smm sales web site presents:


What is SMM in digital marketing? Detailed review and information about smm business

How to increase likes for your page? 


When I share my post, I actually wait for the people who see and like them. Many likes for my posts make me create more attractive posts. Many people start following you if they find your page useful and interesting. However gaining more likes is the probability for gaining more followers. So you should always intend to get maximum likes for your posts. This article will give you the ideas to increase the likes for your posts. These are some amazing ways to collect more likes so that the probability of getting more followers will be increased. 


Here are some awesome ways to increase the likes for your posts. 


  1. Attractive images


Sharing images for your posts is an important task for they should be very attractive to grab the attention of the people to read and like your posts. Creating your own image with authentic and unique content will make people read your posts and like them. Many people create their image that gives a message itself. Less words and more understanding work awesomely. Because nowadays people avoid reading and love understanding. You can create your own magical image to attract the people to visit your page and like your posts. 


2.            Hashtags


Categorise your content and choose the hashtags that perfectly suit your image and content. Some of them may be commonly used by everyone. Hashtags will help you to send your posts under the same kind of interest. So that many people will be able to see your posts. They can even visit your page and follow you. Using hashtags will allow you to share your posts with not only your followers but with the other people as well. As soon as you share your posts using a bunch of hashtags you will find the magic that people from anywhere like your posts. 


What is SMM (Social media marketing)? How to grew success via social media?


Other ways to increase the likes for your posts


3.            Schedule your posts


This is not possible for the people to be online all the time to check your posts all the time. They are active only at a certain time. When maximum people are active that is the best time to share your posts. Early morning, afternoon or the other routine time is not good to share your posts. People are mostly in their leisure time. Moreover different countries have different timings, so there is a need to schedule your posts accordingly to get the maximum likes. 


4.            Liking others posts in exchange


This definitely works. If you like others posts they will like your posts in return. This is like a follow for follow back. Liking others pages may attract other people as well to like your posts. These are all strategies to attract maximum people to like your posts. They check who is liking their posts actively and so they return the favor. Many of the people start following just to gain likes. 


The maximum likes make your post popular and get sponsored as well. Your followers and friends may share your posts with others to like. You can even keep contests and reshare your posts to gain more likes. 

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