Account Based Marketing: Definition

Account Based Marketing: Definition

Account-based marketing is a strategy for B2B companies, which allows you to target the most strategic accounts. What is its goal? Engage high-potential prospects with personalized campaigns to turn them into leads and then customers.
With account-based marketing, you invest precisely in a limited number of high-potential customers. Thanks to identification techniques, you focus your efforts on your core target. Instead of canvassing all your potential customers hoping to convince as many of them as possible, you focus on the customers most likely to engage quickly and bring you significant income. It is neither more nor less than betting on the best foals!

ABM: A hyper-personalization strategy
To convert your privileged prospects into loyal customers, ABM requires a tailor-made treatment, more efficient than a classic B2B relationship. It is a question of doing everything possible to convince them and retain them, which notably involves setting up hyper-personalized contacts. Far from mass marketing, account-based marketing thus aims to precisely target the desired audience, and to offer them tailor-made content to stick as closely as possible to their expectations and needs.
The success of account-based marketing is mainly based on creating and distributing hyper-personalized content. Not all customers are sensitive to the same topics, so you need to identify their interests to adapt your strategy. Hyper-personalization then allows you to better stick to the habits of the customers, to anticipate their needs to really meet them and thus, gain in efficiency. Newsletter, articles, targeted advertisements on social networks… Personalizing this content is an excellent lever for developing your target’s interest in you. Increasing the frequency of touchpoints also ensures that only people think of you! To maximize your chances, the whole point is to offer individualized experience and expertise to your prospects with high purchasing potential.

Account Based Marketing, a complementary strategy to Inbound Marketing
If Inbound marketing creates a conversion funnel by targeting broadly and then gradually qualifying prospects, Account Based Marketing relies on a narrow tunnel from the start, to create a unique relationship with each prospect.
In short, Inbound Marketing allows you to generate high volumes of leads, which you specify with Account Based Marketing, by targeting your strategic accounts. Thus, you reach the entire spectrum and put the odds on your side!
You will understand there is no question of choosing one to the detriment of the other. In fact, the complementarity of ABM and Inbound Marketing is partly due to the fact that they are based on the same technical tools: marketing automation and content. Although different, these approaches, therefore, benefit from being implemented together, by adapting the tools used to one or the other strategy.

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