All about Social Selling!

All about Social Selling!

It is the use of social networks to find new prospects, with the aim of converting them into future customers. It's happening on social media. This technique is mainly based on an exchange between the salesperson and the prospect.
Doing Social Selling is not easy. The process requires patience because creating an interaction with your prospects takes time. On the other hand, its advantages are significant: its role is to warn you at the right time of opportunities to close a sale as well as to help targets throughout the buying process. More specifically, social media offers a significant advantage in terms of sales: it is a must for selling on social networks.

Why engage in Social Selling?

Simply because it works! Social Selling is a marketing strategy that pays off in the field of network sales. Indeed, salespeople who engage in sales on social networks achieve better figures than those who use traditional techniques.
According to the study carried out by Iko-system, cold calls are less and less effective. Only 2% of cold calls result in a qualified appointment. Added to that, it takes 8.4 calls to get in touch with a prospect and 22 calls to convert them into a qualified lead.
In addition, in view of the radical change in the mode of consumption, Social Selling presents itself as the solution for finding prospects.

Social Selling pays off!

In short, it's a salesperson's best friend for selling on social networks. The results are indisputable: for example, on LinkedIn's Sales navigator, salespeople agree that adopting this technique increases sales opportunities by 45%.
The LinkedIn report corroborates this information by showing that it is easier for 51% of salespeople to reach their sales quota. In fact, according to research by B2B marketers, 84% of B2B CEO purchasing decisions are based on social media.
For a salesperson with great ambitions, Social Selling is a non-negligible technique to prosper in sales. Indeed, still according to a global study by LinkedIn, 80% of salespeople using Social Selling are more successful in their work than others. As a result, they enter the rank of the best sellers more quickly and easily. According to Forbes, 90% of sales reps in the circle of top sellers got to this point through social selling.

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