Being on all social networks is not always relevant!

If one of them is not suitable for your activity, there is absolutely no point in registering there. If you take the example of Instagram, it is basically used to post photos. So usually, you have an Instagram account when you have nice things to show. And usually, these are your creations. If you are a heating craftsman, posting a photo of the latest state-of-the-art boiler is questionable. If, on the other hand, you are a jewelry designer, a computer store, etc. and you take a picture of a necklace or a PC that you have assembled, it is relevant. In summary, it is better to have only one or two that suits you than anything and everything.

A company that’s on social networks, publishes regularly!

Now that you have selected one or more social networks relevant to your business, you have taken the first step. But it is not finished. Now we must feed it. And regularly. Otherwise, it will be of no use to you. The social network informs your acquired and potential customers about your activity. By not posting often enough like every two months, for example, you will discredit yourself by giving the impression of being inactive when this will not be the case. Even if you have a busy professional life, you must take the time to take care of it. The ideal is a publication every week at least. Every fortnight still passes.

Share, but only quality content

It goes without saying that a post full of grammar and spelling errors will not convey a good image of the company. You will pass for an illiterate. Our society is based on appearance, you will once again discredit yourself and your professionalism will be called into question. But that's not the only point to keep in mind. The content must be captivating. Reach your readers. The topics should make you want to linger on your page. You need a catchy title. And finally, the photos are also important. They must be perfect. If you are a craftsman, your tools should not lie on the sink of the superb bathroom you have just completed. It shouldn't be blurry either.

Invest to make a profit

We agree that social media is useful. But as you will have understood, maintaining them takes time. And time is money. So, in order not to do without it, but not to waste time, you have to calculate the time invested, and the money spent. If, moreover, you do not want to take care of it at all… there is a very simple solution: delegate to a competent professional. These people are called community managers. Their job is to feed your social networks but not only. These virtuosos have the mission of draining traffic, encouraging people to like your pages, following your prospects, and turning them into customers. As it is their job, it is very likely that they will manage the situation better than you, and help you increase your turnover. And thus develop your figure.