Can You Name Innovative Marketing Campaigns On TikTok?

Can You Name Innovative Marketing Campaigns On TikTok?

TikTok has become a great place for creative marketing efforts because it lets brands connect with a large audience in new and creative ways. Here, we look at a few examples of great marketing efforts on TikTok that caught people's attention and made a big difference for the brand.

The #GuacDance Challenge from Chipotle

As part of a push for National Avocado Day, the fast-food chain Chipotle put out the #GuacDance dare on the app TikTok. Users were asked to show off their best dance moves while including an avocado. This silly and fun ad went global and helped promote Chipotle's guacamole by getting millions of views and user-generated content that showed the playful side of the brand.

The #EyesLipsFace Challenge from E.l.f. Cosmetics

The #EyesLipsFace challenge was started by E.l.f. Cosmetics using the short video style of TikTok. The campaign had a catchy original song that people could lip-sync to while showing off how well they could change their looks with makeup. By pushing users to get involved and be creative, E.L.F. Cosmetics was able to start a popular trend and get a lot more people interested in the brand. The challenge was seen by billions of people and made the brand connect with younger people.

Videos for learning from the Washington Post

The Washington Post tried something new to get TikTok people interested by making educational films. They used the short-video structure of the platform to give short news updates and explain complicated topics in a way that was interesting and easy to understand. This approach not only showed how dedicated The Washington Post is to giving accurate news, but it also brought in a younger audience that might not normally read traditional news sources. By changing their material to fit the TikTok format, The Washington Post was able to reach more people and improve the trustworthiness of their brand.

Demonstrations of Fenty Beauty's Products

Rihanna's cosmetics company, Fenty Beauty, used TikTok to show off their goods in interesting and useful ways. They worked with makeup artists and influencers who made interesting videos showing how to use Fenty Beauty items to achieve different looks. By making useful material and promoting user-made videos, Fenty Beauty was able to get people talking about their brand and get them to try their goods.