Candid Challenges, the new Instagram feature inspired by BeReal

Candid Challenges, the new Instagram feature inspired by BeReal

In recent months Instagram has been particularly inspired by its competitors.
The social network would work on a new feature called “Candid Challenges”. The principle is simple, every day at different times, you receive a notification that invites you to take a photo and share it within 2 minutes.
A feature directly inspired by the BeReal application, very popular with Generation Z. A new way for the social network to seduce the new generation.

Add a sticker to your Reels

Named “personal addition”, the sticker initially created for Instagram stories is now available for Reels!
By adding this sticker, you invite other users to publish a Reel and thus follow or launch new “trends”. An innovative way for the social network to make its new format more interactive and viral.

Facebook in turn puts an end to live shopping

Live shopping was announced as the new trend in 2021. After TikTok, it is now up to Facebook to put an end to its live shopping features.
The reason? The social network would like to focus on short videos and therefore its Reels format, which would be more in tune with the times, as mentioned on their blog.
However, the end of live shopping does not mean the end of Facebook Live. It will still be possible to broadcast live events on social networks, but this time without the shopping features.

LinkedIn allows you to add a link to photos and videos

After announcing that it was testing the creation of carousels without using the PDF format, LinkedIn is back again this month with a long-awaited novelty on the platform: you will soon be able to add links to your LinkedIn photos and videos
Currently being rolled out and currently only available on mobile, these clickable links are like Instagram stickers and will make it easier to convert on the social network.

Instagram is ending its affiliate program

Tested for over a year, Instagram is closing its affiliate program on August 31.
As a reminder, this was a new way for content creators on the platform to monetize their work. Using tags added to their posts, it was possible to highlight products and earn a commission for each purchase.
Unfortunately, the affiliate program onboarding procedures and low sales commissions got the better of this new attempt at content monetization on Instagram.
Instagram now wants to focus on a new tool called Creator Marketplace. A space designed to allow brands to get in touch with creators and thus facilitate partnerships