Creators Raise Concerns Over X's Monetization Program

X's creator monetization program has faced increasing scrutiny in recent months, with some pointing to inconsistencies in payouts and a lack of transparency around revenue sharing. While the platform introduced the program last year with the goal of supporting creators, questions remain over its long-term viability.

When X first launched the ability for creators to earn revenue from ads displayed alongside their tweets, it was positioned as a way to attract new creators and reward existing power-users. Initial payouts totaling $5 million were welcomed by many. However, reports soon emerged of irregular payments that didn't align with a creator's follower count or engagement. Others found their accounts suddenly suspended from the program without explanation.

The issues came to a head again recently when a major news outlet published a story questioning the program. In response, X shared figures showing it had paid out over $45 million to creators since the launch. However, a closer analysis of these figures and previous statements on payouts raises doubts about X's claims.

When announcing the first payouts last year, X said it would total $5 million for the initial period. A few months later, it reported a total of $20 million paid out. Assuming a steady rate of around $5 million per month, based on these previous statements, the total paid out should have surpassed $50 million by now. The significant shortfall between X's stated $45 million and this projection suggests creators have seen a steady reduction in their share of revenue over time.

Creators have expressed frustration with the lack of transparency around how payments are calculated. They are given no visibility into the key metrics that determine their earnings or ways to improve their results.

Without understanding where they stand, it's impossible for creators to know if boosting engagement or creating new content will translate to higher pay through the program. The opaque nature of the system breeds uncertainty that could drive creators to other platforms with clearer monetization structures.

The issues are compounded by an overall lack of creator tools on X's SMM panel. While the platform says it is working to expand monetization into other formats like video over time, for now creators have very limited ability to track performance or understand how their content is faring. This stands in contrast to competitors that provide robust analytics dashboards and testing features to help creators optimize.

With more platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat introducing monetized features every quarter, X must do more to reassure creators that building an audience on its site will result in reliable long-term income. This is especially important as the platform tries to court new creators and compete for talent. Providing transparency into how payments are calculated and improving the SMM panel with analytics tools would go a long way towards easing existing concerns.

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