Define the target group

There is an option for Instagram to automatically define a target group that, according to the experience, is interested in the company or its products. However, the best option is to create your target audience yourself and refine it according to your place of residence, interests, age, and gender.
The selection of areas of interest is done in the same way as on Facebook. Instagram advises choosing 4-10 interests per defined group. If the aim of the ad is for users to go to a store or a restaurant site, the business's location should also be typed. The ad is then published around its place.

Set budget and duration

Based on the total budget, Instagram displays the estimated reach for advertisers. Apart from the budget, the selection of targets also plays an important role in the reach of the ad. The time determines the duration of the diffusion of the advertisements: the minimum corresponds to a day.
Once all these important parameters are set, it is possible to start advertising. Later, Instagram stats can be used to closely track ad performance.
Highlighting your contributions on Instagram can be done very quickly, but compared to the Facebook Ads Manager, there are some compromises to be made. You can only advertise already published contributions, and only videos and photos. No Carousel Ads are available in the Instagram Ads Manager.

Set a strategy for Instagram Ads

Of course, strategy is the keystone of any ad. Whether through the Instagram ads manager or in the Facebook tool, it is recommended to know why advertising is used. Indeed, professionals must define specific objectives in advance. Depending on these objectives, one can decide which type of ad is best suited, whether it makes sense to run Facebook campaigns in the app or the web version, and whether it is worth promoting its content at the same time. on Facebook and Instagram.
Even though the possibilities are limited, the innovative aspect of advertising on Instagram is important for businesses and brands. You just need to find the right strategy to make the most of new opportunities. The emphasis is always on the visual aspect. Every post, every video, and of course every form of advertising on Instagram should be visually strong and appealing.
Promoting a publication is advantageous in that it allows contributions that have achieved some success to be pushed even further. These successful contributions can also be promoted using the Instagram Ads Manager to maximize reach. By doing so, you stay as close to the organic contribution as possible and insert the paid content as naturally as possible into the user-generating content.