Generation Z

Generation Z

It is a generation that consists of people born just before the year 2000 and after.
It is a pessimistic generation that is also growing up against a backdrop of economic crisis, wars, and environmental dangers.
Generation Z individuals barely watch TV. On the other hand, they are ultra-connected and spend all their time on social networks.
This realistic and unpredictable generation is a challenge to carry out a content marketing strategy.

What Generation Z Wants

Generation Z is a generation that lives with technology. Generation Z individuals are always online, even too online. On the other hand, they are very open-minded and can adapt to all situations.
Ambitious and bold, this generation wants what other generations reject.
For example, half of the people from Generation Z would like to set up their business and be an entrepreneur. It is a generation thirsty for freedom but also an impulsive and impatient generation.
With brands and companies, Generation Z wants a relationship of trust and wants to have its part to play. The desire for recognition is also very present.

How to reach Generation Z?

1. Social networks
To reach Generation Z with a content marketing strategy, you obviously must be very present on social networks. To attract this generation, it is also necessary to communicate with its people.
Publishing an article is not enough! You will have to encourage these people to interact but also respond to them.
2. Storytelling and UGC
To lure Generation Z, you have to offer real added value.
For example, you need to give information that she can't find anywhere else and content that will be useful to them.
If you wish to highlight a product, do not hesitate to do so via the comments left by Internet users.
This information is normally unique and helps build trust between Gen Z and your business.
In addition to being transparent, you have to promote the human side of your business. Do not hesitate to talk about your story and the people who work for you.
Interviews and testimonials are highly appreciated by the millennial generation
3. Influencers
Generation Z individuals will have very little interest in what you offer. On the other hand, they can become very loyal if a personality appreciates your products or your services.
The use of influencers on the web is generally recommended to reach the youngest.
Collaborate with influencers and create content in partnership with them. Thus, you are guaranteed to lure Generation Z.