How can I improve my Shop on Facebook?

How can I improve my Shop on Facebook?

1- First create your Facebook page, then your Facebook store!

To open a store on Facebook, you must first have a page on Facebook. Within your Facebook page, your visitors will see your store tab and will be able to access your products from there. To sell on Facebook, you must first have a page to link your Facebook shop to.

How do I become a successful seller on Facebook?


Being successful on Facebook store as a seller is not so hard. If you wish, you can open your facebook page by watching video on the internet. If you want to learn the details of opening a facebook business page and creating a store with Facebook Store, adding a facebook store, adding a product to a facebook store, you can find many helpful documents on Google and watch Youtube videos for free.

How to set up a successful Facebook store and page?

2- Converting Facebook Page to Shopping Template


Before you start selling Facebook products, create a template for your store. But remember, you must be a page admin to do these things. For the shop template, first click on the shop tab from your page. Click on “Templates and Tabs” on the page that appears and select the shopping template as the current template. Thus, you take the first step to ensure that your products are regularly listed in your store.


3- Store Setup


The next step to open a Facebook store is to confirm. Once you have filled in all the fields you need to do in your store, you must complete its setup for it to open. By clicking on the shop tab again, accept all terms and proceed to the next step. You cannot proceed to the next stage without verifying this stage. Make sure you follow these steps correctly to open your store.

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