How Do I See All Tweets Between Two People?

How Do I See All Tweets Between Two People?

To see all tweets between two people, sign in to your Twitter account. Next, go to the Twitter search bar and type in the name of the person you're interested in. Press "Enter" or click "Search." A list of all tweets from that user will appear. You can also follow a person by name.

Twitter's search function has an additional filtering option for tweets by distance. By default, it searches tweets within 15 miles. However, you can change the distance by adding additional miles. For example, if you're interested in pizza in Boston, you can enter "pizza near Boston within 10 miles."

Another feature of Twitter is the ability to search for specific topics or keywords. This feature can be very useful when you're trying to find a specific topic. For example, if you're interested in learning about the COVID-19 coronavirus, you can search for tweets about it. In addition, you can exclude specific topics by using the "Filters" section. You can also filter out tweets that contain links or replies.

If you have a friend or coworker who is on Twitter, you can use the CoTweet feature to send a co-authored message. It will be visible on both of their timelines. The co-author must approve the tweet before it appears in their timelines.

Twitter also allows you to unfollow a person. However, Twitter doesn't notify you if you unfollow someone. You can also mute a person so that their tweets will not show up in your feed. The next time you're discussing something, don't forget to reply.

Another useful feature of Twitter is its ability to show animated images. A GIF can be uploaded to Twitter using the GIF symbol. GIFs are a popular way to share moving images. They can even replace conventional videos. However, you must be aware that the GIF upload limits are 15MB for desktop and 5MB for mobile.

Twitter's search engine also allows you to filter through tweets by a specific date range. If you're interested in finding the most popular tweets between two people, you can search for those in the same date range. Similarly, you can filter out tweets that contain specific words or phrases.

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