How Much Does Social Media Management Cost in 2024?

As social media continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so too do the costs associated with effectively managing a business' online presence. With new platforms and features constantly being added, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to stay on top of everything without dedicated resources. While social media management was once thought of as a relatively inexpensive marketing channel, the reality is that doing it well requires substantial time, effort and money.

One of the key factors driving up expenses is the growing number of platforms that must be actively managed. Where businesses may have only needed to focus on Facebook and Twitter in the past, the current social landscape includes many additional major players like Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok.

Each one has its own unique best practices for content, community engagement and advertising. Keeping consistent, optimized presences across all of these networks is a massive undertaking without the help of social media management tools and/or outsourced support.

Hiring in-house staff is another budgetary consideration. Full-time social media managers or coordinators command salaries well into the six-figure range at large companies. For small to mid-sized businesses, it may be more cost-effective to work with freelancers or agencies.

However, hourly social media management rates still range between $35 to $350 depending on experience. When you factor in the time required, ongoing support can add up to thousands per month even for basic maintenance.

Then there is the rising cost of paid social media advertising which has become essential for driving engagement and growing follower counts in an organic, unpaid capacity. Whether using the built-in options or third party tools, ad spend on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is consistently increasing. Professional social media managers also rely heavily on paid promotion to test content, run contests/giveaways, and launch new initiatives.

To help alleviate some of the financial burden, many businesses leverage social media management smm panels. These all-in-one platforms automate routine tasks like content scheduling, reporting, listening and engagement through AI capabilities.

They also provide centralized dashboards for oversight of multiple networks. While the cost of these tools varies, most offer affordable monthly subscription plans starting around $25-50.

In summary, effectively managing social media in today's business world requires substantial ongoing investment regardless of company size. From staffing to tools to advertising budgets, the total price tag can easily creep into the tens of thousands annually without the right strategic approach.

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