How To Follow Everyone On Threads After Skipping

When it comes to staying connected with friends and family through social media, having the right tools makes a big difference. Platforms like Instagram allow effortless following of others so you never miss an update. However, some standalone apps don't offer the same seamless experience out of the box.

Threads, Meta's close connections app linked to Instagram, aims to bring the intimacy of conversations with close friends to the forefront. But initially setting up your profile by following all your existing Instagram connections can feel tedious if you have a large circle. Thankfully, even if you skipped the prompt to mass follow everyone in the beginning, Threads makes it possible to easily connect with all accounts in just a few taps later on.

The first step is to open the Threads app and log into the Instagram profile you want to sync contacts with. From your profile page, locate the "Following" section which displays how many people you currently follow on the app. Tap this number to view your full following list.

Now look for the "See All" text near the top of the screen and select it. This pulls up an alphabetized display of every single Instagram account you're connected to that can potentially be followed on Threads. Rather than tapping through hundreds of profiles one by one, simply press the "Follow All" button to complete the action in one go.

When the confirmation prompt appears, hit "Confirm" and instantly you'll be connected to your full network. The entire process takes under a minute, regardless of how large your following count is on Instagram. You can now engage with your complete circle of friends through Threads without missing out on any updates or conversations.

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Don't get stuck following friends one by one in Threads if you skipped the initial prompt. This quick bulk method ensures your full circle is connected with minimal taps. And for businesses, influencers or anyone with multiple profiles, an SMM panel provides control and automation that's invaluable for maximizing results across social networks.