Instagram Unveils New Live Moderator Feature

Instagram has introduced a new live moderation option for creators and businesses. The social media platform understands the importance of live content and the challenges of moderating comments and viewers in real-time. Their solution is the new "Live Moderator" feature.

Creators who host live videos on Instagram can now assign another account as their moderator. This gives the moderator tools to manage the stream more effectively. They can report and remove comments. Viewers can also be blocked from the live if they are disruptive. The host can now focus on engaging with their audience without distraction.

The moderator is notified on their device once assigned. From there they can oversee the comment stream and take action as needed. They can help filter out spam, abuse, or irrelevant comments. Viewers causing issues can be swiftly dealt with so the stream stays positive. This makes live broadcasts a much smoother experience for all.

Instagram is serious about supporting creators. They launched a Creators Lab where influencers can collaborate. The head of Instagram said they value how creators push culture and set trends. Live streams have become an important format. But moderating solo placed a burden on hosts. The new feature eases that workload.

For businesses, live video is a powerful marketing tool. It builds rapport with customers in a personal way. However, it also opens the door for trolls or competitors to disrupt things. Now a designated employee can use the moderator controls privately. Problems viewers can be removed without drawing attention. The business representative focuses on engaging customers naturally.

To use the feature, start your live stream as normal. Then tap the three dot menu in the comment box. Search for the account you wish to assign as moderator. They will receive a notification to accept. From there they can report, remove or restrict any viewers as needed to protect the stream.

This new option streamlines the live experience on Instagram. Whether you're a creator or business, lives streams let you connect with your audience directly. But moderating solo was challenging. The "Live Moderator" helps share that responsibility. It makes live video a more viable format for all types of accounts. If you use lives regularly, be sure to take advantage of this helpful tool.

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