Is the Instagram algorithm really that bad?

Is the Instagram algorithm really that bad?

Instagram's algorithm is a bit like the ugly duckling. Nobody likes it and nobody really understands it. It is also the target, a little easy because it is always the one who is accused in case of difficulties on the platform.

What is it used for?
However, this algorithm is not as bad as you think when you get to know it. In fact, it serves to optimize your Instagram experience. Yes! It filters and classifies the posts according to several criteria:
The interest, it offers content similar to the one with which you reacted
Recency, based on the date and time of publication
Relations, show you in priority the posts of the people with whom you interact the most.
In order to be visible to your community, you must therefore commit to content that resembles your core target likes, comments, shares, and post recordings.

What are its objectives?
Obviously, the primary goal of Instagram is to make you spend as much time as possible on the platform. The algorithm will therefore highlight fast and dynamic content. It is much more addictive, and you will consume even more! The new trend to bet on right now: Reels! These are short videos that last about fifteen seconds. Stories are also very important in the daily management of your account and help build loyalty and create a relationship with your target.
In order to be effective in the mission entrusted to it, the Instagram algorithm collects information about you and your habits. What you like, where you live, and if you are more of a morning or evening person, how much time do you spend on the app on average… Admittedly, it is somewhat intrusive, but it is also very useful, not only for statistics but also to always offer you more content that suits you and thus keeps you longer!
There is therefore no miracle recipe to tame this algorithm. This requires a lot of regularity and diligence, as well as quality content in order to satisfy your target and meet the criteria of Instagram, which can thus become your ally.

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