LinkedIn Rolls Out New Video Features

LinkedIn is testing a new video feature that could significantly expand the way users engage with content on the platform. In a recent limited rollout, LinkedIn introduced a dedicated video tab allowing members to view short video clips in a vertically scrolling feed similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels.

While written posts and articles still dominate LinkedIn, the amount of video being shared by members has grown rapidly in recent years. Events, trainings and other multimedia content are commonly found on company and creator pages. However, locating and viewing video through the traditional timeline can be challenging. The new video tab aims to solve this problem by centralizing all short-form video content in one optimized viewing experience.

Early screenshots of the feature show a simple interface for browsing, liking, commenting and sharing videos directly from the feed. Clips play automatically as you scroll, allowing seamless viewing of multiple pieces of content back-to-back without interruption. This full-screen presentation is ideal for mobile and gives video more visual prominence compared to static images or text.

Some question whether there will be enough engaging business video produced daily to populate an ongoing video stream at the scale of other platforms. However, many top LinkedIn influencers have already started experimenting with translating their written updates into short video clips that maintain their signature style. While not every type of professional content lends itself well to a video format, early results show these video posts often receive significantly higher engagement rates.

As the next generation enters the workforce with video-first communication preferences cultivated from platforms like TikTok and Instagram, business social networks will need to adapt how they deliver and highlight multimedia content.

Studies show video is substantially more effective than images or text at capturing attention and driving interactions. The new video feature helps LinkedIn both meet users in their preferred communication styles while better showcasing the growing volume of valuable professional video being shared.

The test rollout currently remains limited to select LinkedIn members. Over the coming months, we can expect to see optimizations to the video experience based on early usage data. Features like video analytics, monetization options and improved creator tools will likely be added as LinkedIn explores fully integrating this new content format.

Whether you're a job seeker, business owner or social media marketer, it's important to get involved early and understand how to best leverage video on LinkedIn now before the feature goes mainstream. You can learn best practices for creating engaging professional videos by referring to our smm panel experts knowledgeable on video optimization strategies for business networks.

As LinkedIn's user base continues shifting younger with each generation, visual content will grow in importance relative to traditional text. With its latest video initiative, LinkedIn is making an ambitious move to stay ahead of shifting communication trends.

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