Pinterest Reveals Coachella 2024 Trends

Pinterest has published data on trends expected at the popular music festival Coachella in 2024. The platform analyzed search data from tens of millions of searches related to Coachella made on Pinterest. 40% of these searches came from Gen Z users, showing Pinterest has become a go-to source for festival inspiration.

Some trends Pinterest predicts will be popular include nostalgic festival looks borrowing styles from 2014. Searches for "2014 core" were up 1,240% year-over-year. Fairycore aesthetics also seem poised to make an appearance, with searches for "fairycore outfits" rising 2,200%.

Dark feminine styles also show promise as searches for "dark feminine core" increased 160%. Top performer searches indicate people turn to Pinterest for outfit ideas, with searches for "Lana Del Rey core" up 300%.

Overall, hippie and flowy styles embracing natural elements seem on track to dominate Coachella looks. Celebrity stylists Chloe and Chenelle are showcasing top festival outfits on Pinterest using the new board preview feature, which makes it easier to share curated boards as videos.

In addition, Pinterest is hosting an interactive "Manifest Station" activation at Coachella. Visitors can find new ways to express themselves and customize trends at ethereal photo opportunities and trending beauty and styling experiences. Festival fashion is where many emerging styles originate, and Pinterest wants to tap into the next shifts early. Partnering with Coachella is a strategic fit with Pinterest's efforts to grow its influence in this space.

For those seeking Coachella inspiration or hoping to be on top of what's trending, Pinterest's data provides valuable insights. Whether you're browsing looks from a past year, taking fairycore or dark feminine styles into consideration, or pulling ideas from featured performers, Pinterest is a rich resource.

With its on-site activation also, Pinterest aims to shape trends as much as spotlight them. For those in smm panel services, understanding what styles are gaining traction can help craft effective creative and campaigns. Pinterest's findings offer a glimpse at what may gain popularity in the festival scene and beyond.

If you're looking to stay on top of emerging trends in the fashion and music industries, consider checking out the trend reports and data on Pinterest. With its large user base and search volume related to events like Coachella, Pinterest reveals valuable clues about what styles may take off. For those offering smm panel services, analyzing trend predictions can guide content planning and campaign strategies.

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