Pre-digital and social networks

Pre-digital and social networks

Social networks quickly imposed themselves and were translated, in Europe, as "social networks", an adjective which incidentally resonates strangely in our ears, in these countries where it is so customary to associate the expression "social with terms of a completely different nature: action, class, struggle, conflict, work, security, law...
In short, the first time someone hears about "social networks", it is not uncommon for them to imagine a new extension of the social field... Without realizing, right away, that it is a simple Anglo-Saxon definition of the existence of “social relations” between members of a community on the Internet.

You are going to tell me that ignorant persons of “social networks” are probably those who still light themselves by candlelight….
No doubt some of those pre-digitals who still check the time on a watch, ignore GPS and “find their way on an accordion-folded map,” or read their diary on paper and persist in writing with a pen.

The digital natives
In other words, pre-digitals are the parents or grandparents of digital natives, who were born "with a PlayStation in their hands, spend hours surfing the Internet, communicate by text or instant messaging with their friends, and consider that it is completely "has-been" not to belong to a social network or not to keep a blog.

4 out of 10 people
Unlike these cheeky youngsters, is the adult world still ignoring social media? Most likely. A recent interactive survey announces that more than 4 out of 10 people use community sites and social networks (such as Facebook, My Space, Viadeo, etc.). Which still leaves almost 60% of the square of online communities, have you noticed that before the arrival of Viadeo, LinkedIn, and other Facebook, we used to talk about "virtual communities" rather than "social networks"? Yes, I know, it doesn't change anything, but I just wanted to say it.
Nevertheless, the fact of having a “digital identity” is not deprived of risks…

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