Privacy in question

Privacy in question

Data and research tools on individuals are no longer reserved for intelligence service agents. Today, everyone can find personal information, easily available on the web. This is wrong, of course, without presenting some risks to individual freedoms.

Facebook, owner of your image
When you share a photo or message with someone on Facebook, those documents also belong to Facebook. At least that was the intention of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of the social network, who wanted the data published by Internet users to remain the property of Facebook, for life! Something that annoyed Facebookers (it growls on the Internet) and worried the president of the CNIL.

1,2,3... on display on the Internet
If you want to know what the web holds about you or your loved ones, 123people allows you to search the web for personal data, extracted from community platforms, Wikipedia pages, and photo and video sharing sites. 123people also explores blogs, discussion groups, online directories, and searches the usual search engines.
In short, 123people allows you to gather information relating to an individual, put online by the Internet user himself or by others...
Obviously, the information being "public", no possibility is offered to the Internet user to delete certain elements brought up by the engine...
Hello home!

Geolocate whomever you want
We already knew the very surprising, but now commonplace, Google mobile. A small application that allows you to locate yourself on the google maps map of your mobile phone. Very precious when you are lost ;-).
But Google Latitude does even better.
This software uses data from transmission antennas or GPS data to indicate on a map, not your approximate position, but those of your contacts! You will tell me that your contacts may not always want to be located... Or that you yourself do not necessarily want to specify, at all times, and to everyone, the place where you find. It can be understood. But rest assured, Google promises that any user will be able to "deactivate" this location function at will...
The application is available for most recent smartphones equipped with windows mobile (from version 5.0). But does not work on iPhone but it should happen eventually
Google's new service is raising fears from some privacy agencies.

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