Sell ​​on Facebook professional marketplace

Everything happens on Facebook Store
The most important thing is to enrich your product catalog on the Facebook shop, more commonly known as Facebook Store. This professional page tabs application represents one of the greatest strengths of this social network. The reason lies in the fact that the customer does not have to leave Facebook to make their purchase. It should be noted that the Facebook store payment integrated into the social network only exists in the United States. Note that before you can acquire your own Facebook store, you must first make sure you have a commercial page.
What conditions for the creation of the Facebook Store?
To make a Facebook store, you must make sure that you are going to sell physical objects there. It is not possible to sell digital products that can be downloaded. If you open your Facebook store online in the United States, you can choose a payment method. You must then choose the currency, then add your product. You can add all the necessary information such as name, price, product description, the various options offered by the product, or the number of stocks available.

Social Selling on Facebook
“Social Selling” consists of representing the art of transforming prospects into customers, via social networks. The goal is to position themselves as their first choice when it comes to making decisions about which product to buy. On Facebook, the secret is to interact sincerely with your leads. To do this, use a chatbot, which will allow you to always be available for your potential customers. Currently, there are many platforms that allow you to create such a bot. For example, in SendPulse you can build a chatbot for Facebook* in 15 minutes. To do this, you do not need any special knowledge, just a Facebook account.

Sell ​​on Instagram shop

It's all in the tag!
Two keywords are to remember if you want to break into your Instagram online store: photo, and tags. Thanks to these, users can view a message saying “click to view the products” when they hover over the tagged items. A new click on it will bring up the photos where the product is tagged, displaying the words “view on the website” on a button. To upload your products to your website, you must go through Facebook, where you will define all its important characteristics, such as the product link, the price, and the photos. The tags are then inserted on the products when a photo is going to be uploaded.
The story
Once you hit 10,000 followers, you can post a featured Instagram story. This is the possibility of publishing biographical and personal content, which can relate to any subject. It's actually storytelling. A Call to Action (anchor link) can be put there to directly lead your audience to your website for example. Speaking of bio, it is possible to directly insert an outgoing type of link to lead the user out of the site. If you don't have 10,000 followers yet, you can still show up in stories via a paid offer. To do this, choose “Instagram Stories” as the destination when you create a Facebook Ads campaign.

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